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  1. we need a working dev_is_item file, and our itemshop keep saying file format incorrect but its setup as mysql
  2. Hey again... I can't add items on itemshop or categories. Does anyone know why?.Thanks
  3. Didn't change anything at all. We tried to make rank to 5 but still no drop.
  4. They are set but stil no gold drop.
  5. Thanks i will check them I will see. ty
  6. Our gold rate is set and everything is good, but mob's don't drop gold. Anyone here who know why?
  7. can someone delete this topic please. ty
  8. delete this post.
  9. I don't know what system to run, we treied FREEBSD 32x and 64x and still not working. Owner of the files don't know the system either or something.
  10. Hey i'm having a problem starting ch 1-4. Yes i've tried google and find a way to fix this but couldn't fix it. So i decided come here and see if someone knows how :). Thanks for all help!
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