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  1. Hi all, i have a problem with limits yang... i use shop offline ken and i don t know how to resolve this bugs..i put in offlineshop_config.cpp find DWORD g_dwNeedMoney = 0; and replace with long long g_dwNeedMoney = 0; find offlineshop_config.h and search extern DWORD g_dwNeedMoney; and replace with extern long long g_dwNeedMoney; And here is a video with bugs... if i put in offline-shop a first item this disappear, and if i put the second item this works to put in shop.. sorry my english. if somebody knows the
  2. Hello guys While i trying dragon alchemy i m able to do upgrade class and clarity ..but level of dragon stone ( strength) can t be increase... Here is the picture https://postimg.io/image/vj8icvf5r/ If i click too nothing happens.. In sys error i get this(ch1) DoRefineStrength: INVALID DRAGON SOUL(114410) any solution for this ? Thanks in advance... P.S : I put vnum_range 99 on item_proto(server/client) at dss but doesn t work..
  3. Hi everybody , i have a question..have someone this system without bugs ? i found this system on another comunity but when i go in another map and i take somebody with group in two seconds i can't see nothing, it's black all. sorry my english Picture :
  4. Hi , i installed mob target system and i have a error in binary http://prnt.sc/ejkibj please?
  5. Like this Sry for x2 post , here you have a link of a demo : sorry for quality
  6. Hi , i have a question. Have somebody system effects ?
  7. Hi everyone , i have a question...how can i add the system dragon soul on my server ? I added in locale/inventorywindow.py the button , i added 2 files ( dragonsoulrefinewindow.py/dragonsoulwindow.py) and this not working!!! I push the button and this does nothing. And the part of serverside ( items i don t have , if someone can help me with us... thanks )
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