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  1. Thank you very much. but what do you mean with this: BTW: Change dev_x with vanilla or another game cuz his license expired. specially the part off: Change dev_x with vanilla or another game Those maps are difficult xd i know only how to work with hamachi
  2. Where do i find the ymir work map?
  3. I cant find my Windows.dds file: http://prntscr.com/ete34m
  4. This is my syserr file. syserr.txt
  5. How do i fix this? http://prntscr.com/estvx9
  6. Every time i try to search for those files i find it but when i want to download it the files are removed so i cant find any reuploaded link.
  7. I know the files are old but i couldn't find any better ones and i am really a starter so i dont know how to do all those things :D. Virtual box and freebsd i already use. Mysql for what i need that?
  8. Hello players of metin2dev,My name is: DajWalk i'm an old Metin2 player and just started a Metin2 private server project i'm kind of new to this so please dont laugh if i ask some simple qeustion what is easy for you and difficult for me.So i just started a Metin2 server with the profizocker94 server files and the daroo 2010er client. it works fine for me. and easy to learn but i got some problems/qeustions and need your help. This is what i want to ask: Please if
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