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  1. betsch96

    3D4M2 New Store

    Bought the VIP Access, everything went smooth and fast, great products! I can only recommand this service!
  2. Bought the patcher to, first it worked really well, but after we needed a new exe, the patcher was infected with an virus. He "couldnt" do anything about it, so yeah I can´t recommand this service
  3. betsch96


    Great work + free updates, I can only recommend this guy
  4. Board: https://astreya2-board.io/ Discord: https://discord.gg/GAfbUMk
  5. betsch96

    Ship Defense

    Its not public, you can only buy it for alot of money.
  6. Astreya2, we didnt got an reply since 3 weeks now. you are doing great work but communication with your customers is non of your strengths.
  7. We found the problem, we had problems with the HEADER_GC_QUICKSLOT_ADD + HEADER_GC_PLAYER_POINTS pakets and fixed it now.
  8. We checked: Game Client Core(s) If any items are buggy If maps are buggy If any Quest is buggy Connection problems between mysql and game server We weren´t able to find anything, so non of those is the reason.
  9. We did already(we used backups from march) didnt helped at all. After restarting the complette mysql root a few of the bugged chars are working again
  10. We tried it with an older version of our client(which worked for months without problems) and it didnt worked as well. Also we couldnt login with the bugged chars with the old client ether.
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