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  1. Hello again, I got tips from all the answers and my final code was this: elif itemType == item.ITEM_TYPE_COSTUME and itemSubType == item.COSTUME_TYPE_MOUNT: MountVnum = item.GetValue(1) if MountVnum != 0: self.__ModelPreview(itemVnum, 2, MountVnum) Thanks to all who responded, great day! #Solved
  2. I edited his code to look like the code that is already working on costumes and armor and it looks like this: PetsAndMounts = { 71186 : 20249, } if PetsAndMounts.has_key(itemVnum): self.__ModelPreview(itemVnum, 2, PetsAndMounts[itemVnum]) result.. that's work!! but is it possible to improve this code so I do not have to add all mounts manually? btw ty for de help!
  3. my mount system protos with npc nvum value0, right? btw this dont work, nothing happen
  4. I have a problem to show the rendering only seals of mounts and pets please i try this: elif item.ITEM_TYPE_COSTUME == itemType: if itemSubType == item.COSTUME_TYPE_MOUNT: MountVnum = item.GetValue(4) if MountVnum != 0: self.__ModelPreview(MountVnum) and this: elif item.GetItemType() == item.ITEM_COSTUME: if item.GetItemSubType() == item.COSTUME_TYPE_MOUNT: MountVnum = item.GetValue(4)
  5. This worked without any problem, nice work dude, thanks!
  6. Move this line 1542: void RegisterGlobalFunctionTable(lua_State* L) to before this 1620: { extern int quest_setstate(lua_State* L); luaL_reg global_functions[] = { { "sys_err", _syserr }, { "sys_log", _syslog }, { "char_log", _char_log }, { "item_log", _item_log }, { "set_state", quest_setstate }, { "set_skin", _set_skin }, like this:
  7. @Mali61 i have a problem with v2 error: code: syserr codes: what did I do wrong?
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