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  1. Hello there. I wanted to make my skills to get from Normal to G1 (instead of M1) when reaching 15 skill points, and I have followed the following topic: Unfortunately it is not working. I'm currently using 40k and the skills are still mastered to M1 instead of G1, despite of following the suggestions in the topic. Here's my current script: case SKILL_NORMAL: // ¹ø¼·Àº ½ºÅ³ ¾÷±×·¹À̵å 17~20 »çÀÌ ·£´ý ¸¶½ºÅÍ ¼ö·Ã if (GetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum) >= 17) { SetSkillLevel(pkSk->dwVnum, 40); } break; case SKILL_MASTER: if (GetSkillLe
  2. Thank you very much for pointing out how to solve the issue, I will see how this will end. Have a good day and thank you again!
  3. Hello everyone, I have searched on most of the forums to find a way to modify these bonuses but I couldn't find anything. Does anyone knows how to modify the bonuses granted by Party Leadership? More info about Leadership can be found here: http://wiki.metin-2.com/index.php/Leadership I want to know how to modify the bonuses granted by "Set As Berserker" , "Set as melee", and so on... Can anyone help me with this issue please?
  4. Thank you very much about your answer! It was really helpful. Thank you also for your time spent explaining all these to me, thanks!
  5. Hello everyone. I would like to know if I could increase the range of Bravery Capes. More precisely, is there any way I can increase the range of pc.aggregate_monster quest function?
  6. Thank you for your answer, it made me understand a little how this works. What I want to do is only quest - client related. For example I want an UI button to be displayed only if the variable declared by quest has a certain value. Do you think this is possible only with python(client) and quest(lua) ? I would really appreciate an example if you have one. Something like, if you could make a present game button (e.g.: Inventory Button from the bottom bar) be displayed only when quest variable is 1 that would be the easiest i think. I'm sorry for asking for this, I'm not good at it.
  7. Hello everyone. I'm currently facing an issue where I want to make a certain system / icon visible only if a variable (which was declared and changed via quest) has a certain value. I want the client to check the value of the variable for the quest, and the client to update automatically as the variable is set to a certain value. Can this be done? I have looked into an older topic related to this issue: [HowTo|Old]Quest-Client communication(for any version) , but it didn't help really much. I'm still not sure how to check this. Can someone help me please? I'm pretty dumb when
  8. Wow, thank you very much! But can you please tell me where to put these? And can it be used as a quest function? I want to check the number of players from a map with a quest
  9. Then is there any way to check how many players are in certain map?
  10. Hello. I need a quest for a tournament where the players can register in it, and after a certain amount time, the registered will be teleported in certain map. Can someone please tell me if this is possible or how can be done? Can it be done without sql?
  11. Hello everyone. I need a little help here: I need quest function which checks how many players are in certain maps. Does someone know any way do check this?
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