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  1. Vegas is right... Robson Oliboni is a retard, he frustrated in life, he is a shame, a failure.
  2. Could someone help me, where is the fixed bonuses of weapons located in the source? I found the armor located at char.cpp : ComputeBattlePoints(), , but I can't find where the weapon's fixed bonuses are calculated. Thank you all.
  3. Hello, I'm testing the class "BigBoardControl" Code: class BigBoardControl(ui.Bar): FONT_WIDTH = 18 FONT_HEIGHT = 18 LINE_WIDTH = 500 LINE_HEIGHT = FONT_HEIGHT + 5 STEP_HEIGHT = LINE_HEIGHT * 2 LINE_CHANGE_LIMIT_WIDTH = 450 BIG_TEXTBAR_MAX_HIGHT = 1000 FRAME_IMAGE_FILE_NAME_LIST = [ "season1/interface/oxevent/frame_new_0.sub", "season1/interface/oxevent/frame_new_1.sub", ] FRAME_IMAGE_STEP = 256 FRAME_BASE_X = -20 FRAME_BASE_Y = -12 def __init__(self): ui.Bar.__init__(self) self.AddFlag("not_pick") self.tipList = [] self.curPos = 0
  4. I have this problem, and I want to pay someone to fix it for me. It's like a ghost drop item, I dont have Idea.
  5. Does anyone know what happened to WoM2 and WoM3?
  6. Someone know how to fix this problem for AMD VISHERA users? Thanks.
  7. I had the same problem with the paid version of the great offline shop.
  8. Please i'm searching c++ coder for easy works, send me pm.
  9. Yes, but if you set 0, the equipped items don't appear, I think is needed to change client source part, someone know how?
  10. Someone know how to change client to start EQUIPMENT_START_INDEX on index 0 without 180 for 4/inventory? Thank you all.
  11. Try this: background.SetTransparentTree(0); must be 0 or 1
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