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  1. Yes, auth is running. The character exchange then throws out as I would enter.
  2. There is no error. And yes, the channel is running.
  3. I also tried rewriting it, not good.
  4. Version of Files : XXX WELCOME! I made 1 new channel (game98) but not 100% working. I can teleport to the channel, from another channel. However, if I log out of this channel, I cannot log in. Can anyone help me? Config file: HOSTNAME: channel98 CHANNEL: 98 PORT: 13098 P2P_PORT: 13098 DB_PORT: 15000 DB_ADDR: localhost MAP_ALLOW: 1 21 41 3 23 43 TABLE_POSTFIX: ITEM_ID_RANGE: 900000001 1000000000 PASSES_PER_SEC: 25 SAVE_EVENT_SECOND_CYCLE: 180 PING_EVENT_SECOND_CYCLE: 180 PLAYER_SQL: localhost mt2 [email protected]# player COMMON_SQL: localhost mt2 [email protected]# common LOG_SQL: l
  5. The Fix: Dont use Turkey, or Romanish serverfile
  6. 1: Number 2: Item ID 3: Quantity 4: Percent 5: Nothing.
  7. I have an issue about the quest window panel, if I open one from an npc, I can't click after the teleport if the window is opened at the moment of the teleport. But if I open one from the quest list (left on the screen) it won't get bugged. I create a new quest board, in ui.py. class QuestBoard(Window): CORNER_WIDTH = 64 CORNER_HEIGHT = 64 LINE_WIDTH = 64 LINE_HEIGHT = 64 BASE_WIDTH = 64 BASE_HEIGHT = 64 BOARD_COLOR = grp.GenerateColor(0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.8) LT = 0 LB = 1 RT = 2 RB = 3 L = 0 R = 1 T = 2 B = 3 def __init__(self, layer = "UI"): Window.__init
  8. Hi - I've created a new dungeon etc which requires a ticket to enter, it's easy to sort this for an individual player so he pays the ticket then enters etc but i've gotten stuck on how to do it for each individual member of a group. Can someone help me? I need a c++ function. Thanks.
  9. up, i can pay for it.
  10. Thanks, i test it. Not work, but i'm solved. Thanks.
  11. Haha, right? @Syreldar Look the gif, and see the character window stats :). The first mount is COSTUME_MOUNT, and the second is ITEM_QUEST.
  12. You use COSTUME_MOUNT. I use simple quest, and item_proto type ITEM_QUEST. Try on my quest, use ctrl+g, and see this bug.
  13. How can I update to delete the stats as well? I use ctrl+g.
  14. when 31071.use begin if pc.is_polymorphed() then say("asd") elseif pc.is_mount() then say("asd") else pc.mount(22006,3600) end end
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