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  1. Dude, I'm the one who sold this system. dude, if you prefer is int type ,use int type, but I use byte type, and never encountered a problem before
  2. Dude, there's no code in Turkish. ----------------------------------------- Many people in this forum are uninformed. Because for the first time they see Turkish words. functions are not important variables or headers. moreover, I suggest you check the codes instead of writing nonsense here I forgot to change the byte type to int because I'm write this system in 2 page inventory. the inventory have 179 index but this system have 753 index. so please change byte type to int type other than that, all you talk about is nonsense
  3. I am ashamed of fools who discredit me even if they are Turkish The reason I write this system in Turkish is that foreign nationals meet with Turkish words. if I show you the codes of these idiots, you're barred from writing them.
  4. Seriously, you can't be that stupid. you said word copy and paste in the other day but you now say shit code
  5. Yes this is my aura system silly shared my customers. after that I will not sell unsecured system
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