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  1. hello i extract 40k mob/item protto and i have this problem please help https://prnt.sc/gmasyd
  2. group.txt or group_group.txt i put to group.txt this Group but the same sysser MapTest { Vnum 3201 Leader ADMIN 3201 1 MEMBER 3201 2 MEMBER 3201 } and i add tou group_group.txt this Group metintest16 { Vnum 3100 1 101 1 2 171 1 } i reboot and nothing happens
  3. Please help i have a sysser problem with maps and i have 500mb sysser ... 3201 its in db mysql and mob_protto client/db sf https://prnt.sc/gm0qm1
  4. When i log in i do some steps and at 3 seconds take disconect please dev help me.
  5. i download the sf i dont know something for config you tell for map allow?
  6. Hello i have map warp problem i press /warp x y and no teleport please help me ..all its correct to map/atsalinfo/textureset i dont know where its problem somebody can help please? (sorry for my bad english http://prntscr.com/glty3x
  7. Hello dev could somebody help to tell me what i must change from here to fix the problem? Here the problem = http://prntscr.com/gl7fo2 .py = https://prnt.sc/gl7fz6 .py =https://prnt.sc/gl7g6a .py =http://prntscr.com/gl7grt .py =http://prntscr.com/gl7gwk
  8. Hello dev When i try to change reset mysql password and i do commands like mysql -p or mysql -u root i have this error messege and i cant reset password please help me with analytic steps to fix this problem thank you .
  9. its lzo keys you cant extract want you want with etenexus if he has change the lzo keys you cant extract it. only if you know how to change lzo or find extractor for this keys.
  10. Could somebody help me to extract 2 files please? I dont know from lzo keys please help me to extract this files because i lost extractors and i have the translates insideplease thank you . https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-0nUwPohQX4RklqWEpNV0ZkRVE https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-0nUwPohQX4LUxoc0Q2ZlBkNEE
  11. Galet i didnt understand please add me at skype to explain me please .skype: blackm4mbaa thank you
  12. the first photo is client sysser the second sf sysser
  13. Hello i have socket_tcp_bind problem aready in use and my channels are off . My server starting good but channels closed please help !..
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