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  1. I can help you with the installation for free .. send me your skype or discord
  2. https://mega.nz/#!I50kBCYK!NPvcNnhd3j1vxQcqoWrGusF4cJGCYIrHKA2yjQtHOlg
  3. for 64bit you don't need to use set gnutarget i386-marcel-freebsd its only for 32bit
  4. What error did you get ? do you have dump_proto source ? if yes you should find the file ItemCSVReader.cpp in dump_proto folder
  5. at least post the syserr both from client and server so we can help you :#
  6. unfortunately I can't help you with that , I don't have enough knowledge in programming . hope you find someone who can help with it . good luck.
  7. that is not a problem the storage is linked for all the characters in the same account .
  8. xLoGaN

    Forever Metin2

    Thank you so much , what about the password for the tool ? discord link
  9. of course the best files is 40k and for the NPCs and maps you can change them easily the game isn't about maps or NPCs but source and without a source you can't add new systems like the ones mentioned above or new systems , of course the clean files are the best for a beginner , for mainline and novaline I don't know about them but as I saw they said that this files are clean . I don't mind to help you , but you need to know I'm not an expert , I'm still learning also what do you need to translate exactly ? the client ? or the game ? you can translate the client fr
  10. A1 : there is a lot of serverfiles with a lot of systems like the systems you mentioned above ( pet , belt , acce (shoulder sash) , dungeons and some creepy systems A2: you can implement or delete any system or make changes on systems but of course you need to know some programming languages for it like C++ , Python , Lua adding or removing any system isn't big problem since there is a lot of systems included how to ( tutorials ) but I recommended to start with a clean serverfiles and you can add or remove anything A3: the language of the files doesn't matter , it's p
  11. what is the problem there I don't got it
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