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  1. Does anyone know what this error is referring to and how to fix it #0 0x084f2f57 in luaH_getstr (t=0x296c68e0, key=0x20736163) at ltable.c:457 457 ltable.c: No such file or directory. in ltable.c
  2. Novax


    the quest is called Item, and because it comes out '?' and put all the right features, but when I open the Itemshop I get that error and does not connect the Itemshop with BD
  3. I have this error when active quest in the files, but the quest if it works in other files, anyone know why?
  4. all those icons that appear in the top of a metin, to edit .py of the root as it is called .py necessary
  5. good, I have this error after updating granny someone has a solution for this error
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