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  1. Artnesor


    Send your char_item.cpp
  2. Either you're blocking mark directory by some antycheat solution or your icons are broken.
  3. You have to add GM_VIP, in common/length.h after GM_PLAYER.
  4. Add me on skype: artnesor
  5. You have to add empty line at the end of file.
  6. So, here after %s you have to add space.
  7. Where you have ChatPacket with "Rafinarea acestui"?
  8. In game/item_manager_read_tables.cpp change: sys_err("No such an item (name: %s)", d.szItemName); To: sys_err("No such an item (name: %s, vnum: %d, line: %d)", d.szItemName, dwItemVnum, lines); And you will se in which vnum and line is problem
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