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  1. you're still using all the assets (models textures ui etc) so they have every right to do so
  2. Yes for me it's exactly the same. It must be a problem with the slots/cover, because I checked the packets multiple times and they look fine. And the shop already works as intended, there is just this weird bug..
  3. the packets are completely identical client and server side.. i dont understand
  4. I don't know how, I don't know why, but after I reinstalled my windows it now works for me must be some external stuff
  5. it definitely works, maybe it was your mistake
  6. maybe you have the map in multiple file packs, like in maps.epk but maybe you also have it in season2.epk
  7. delete everything from the textureset file that this map uses and just paste this in it TextureSet TextureCount 00 that map doesnt need textures
  8. Hello! When I open Owsap's offline shop there's a visual bug related to the items, and I get the following error: CPythonNetworkStream::CheckPacket - Not enough dynamic packet size: header 47 packet size: 4812 There seems to be a mismatch somewhere, how could I go about debugging this problem?
  9. please, any opinions? i could pay for the fix
  10. Hi! When I move my character (walking, riding a mount, anything), I get these syslogs: Whenever the game loads new mobs in the player's view there's a slight lag SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:34 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 149x37 was 149x36 dist 1.0m SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:42 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 149x38 was 149x37 dist 1.0m SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:58 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 148x38 was 149x38 dist 1.0m SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:07:59 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 148x37 was 148x38 dist 1.0m SYSLOG: Jun 24 23:08:03 :: SECTREE DIFFER: [SA]test 147x37 was 148x37 dist 1.0m SYSLOG: Jun 24 2
  11. https://mega.nz/file/MZh1kAZL#4fvk3tLchWGMbdgBUnoTrspblgZKEo60Tw4fc0MZxGc whenever I try to save serverattr of any map it crashes
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