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  1. What are you trying to do is pretty simple open instancebaseeffect.cpp from userinterface search: __EffectContainer_AttachEffect(EFFECT_EMPIRE+eEmpire); Look if it's member of void CInstanceBase::__AttachEmpireEffect(DWORD eEmpire) Add below(up to): __EffectContainer_AttachEffect(EFFECT_EMPIRE+eEmpire); if (IsPC()) return; Done.
  2. If i remember well i had this problem too , if you use martysama's source the problem could be from protoreader or length.h check if it is like there enum EWearPositions { WEAR_BODY, // 0 WEAR_HEAD, // 1 WEAR_FOOTS, // 2 WEAR_WRIST, // 3 WEAR_WEAPON, // 4 WEAR_NECK, // 5 WEAR_EAR, // 6 WEAR_UNIQUE1, // 7 WEAR_UNIQUE2, // 8 WEAR_ARROW, // 9 WEAR_SHIELD, // 10 WEAR_ABILITY1, // 11 WEAR_ABILITY2, // 12 WEAR_ABILITY3, // 13 WEAR_ABIL
  3. replace with this {"index":COSTUME_START_INDEX+4, "x":10, "y":20, "width":32, "height":96}, or replace 20 with even more for example 30 if it doesn't work till it is going down
  4. replace this: {"index":COSTUME_START_INDEX+4, "x":10, "y":5, "width":32, "height":96}, with this: {"index":COSTUME_START_INDEX+4, "x":10, "y":10, "width":32, "height":96},
  5. uiscript costumewindow.py , post it there if you don't know how to do it .
  6. the best free source clean is mainline_released or if you're searching for one with wolfman check source with wolfman syron or something like that , it's not very fixed but it's somehow clean
  7. Retro


    why have you deleted the topic's name and question? mabye anybody else need it.
  8. gf protos are uploaded somewhere in this topic check there
  9. Retro


    RefreshState(CRaceMotionData::NAME_WAIT, true); comment this line in function change acce or delete it.
  10. If you don't know what you installed last or deleted or something you can't find the problem. Only comparing packets you'll never find the problem.Packed errors could be caused by any file which include or use packets.
  11. http://www.dafont.com/es/blade-2.font
  12. yes it's good, just drag example.xml on ProtoArchiver.exe and it will pack mob_names and mob_proto.txt to mob_proto
  13. next time explain better. npc.purge() to ,,despawn'' npc
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