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  1. Search in all files from root IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE = 0/1. Replace IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE = 0 to IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE = 1.
  2. Yeah . very nice this topic and very good this option for PServers (No include part "fake function") xD because function for players online or other shit FROM website is very shit (Yeah , this part is really straight and ugly ). Fine , Good Job . Thanks . - Sorry for my shit english -
  3. Conversation between me and vegas: [21:18:22] ####:: VegaS are you here? [21:18:31] VegaS™: Yes. [21:19:09] ####: Man, some people sell your title system what was public on tur****. [21:22:14] ####:: https://i.gyazo.com/feeb2dcc47adbed5c87f0e6dda867f7f.png [21:22:22] ####:: Here is this shit what he sell. [21:28:33] ####:: Shit all resellers , dude . [21:34:50] VegaS™: There are many whores in this area, so best bet would be to post this system because some hookers make money from him unjustly. So send them harlots that vegas has big dick and that will fuck all in the ass. This system has
  4. Haha, no. xD I say here what he say, because he not have time for these shit now.
  5. Nobody will help u, you version crap and old shit, since April (first version). (And some people changed date from file to look like a ultimate version haha ^^ So, i think mods need to close this topic because this system is stolen (leaked). Ahh yeah and this code is *shit against the new version. Have fun ^^
  6. Hello world, xD https://www.metin2asgard.org First, I will start with the beginning. Specifically important details about server Asgard : - Server (Gameplay & Miscellaneous) - team - Why did you choose us? - Partners. - When will be officially Online? - The server is Pay4Win? - If it is different, it is Pokemon? - Why PvM Hard not something ...? - What do we need? <1> Gameplay & Other Information. It was thought very much, it comes with a new story. I mean a story different from the original, this will see the opening. Gameplay is hard (hard), and en
  7. Uuu , very nice . Good Luck !
  8. Best system biology, but very nice codes . Ahh...
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