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  1. Search in all files from root IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE = 0/1. Replace IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE = 0 to IN_GAME_SHOP_ENABLE = 1.
  2. Yeah . very nice this topic and very good this option for PServers (No include part "fake function") xD because function for players online or other shit FROM website is very shit (Yeah , this part is really straight and ugly ). Fine , Good Job . Thanks . - Sorry for my shit english -
  3. Conversation between me and vegas: [21:18:22] ####:: VegaS are you here? [21:18:31] VegaS™: Yes. [21:19:09] ####: Man, some people sell your title system what was public on tur****. [21:22:14] ####:: https://i.gyazo.com/feeb2dcc47adbed5c87f0e6dda867f7f.png [21:22:22] ####:: Here is this shit what he sell. [21:28:33] ####:: Shit all resellers , dude . [21:34:50] VegaS™: There are many whores in this area, so best bet would be to post this system because some hookers make money from him unjustly. So send them harlots that vegas has big dick and that will fuck all in the ass. This system has a crappy code, you can keep the recycle bin, is the first version of shit. I apologize for what my clients who bought this system, but I'll make updates to it and will be more advanced. I can not enter metin2dev this time because my account is suspended for a short period of time, but I will return very soon, remember that. Why has reached this release online? Since titlesystem first version had over 35 buyers from title and I sold at all retarded. But now these latest systems and will not sell than some people you know for a long time and know 100% that they are not whores. Latest systems are stored for each client, I know 100% who I was because when you reach for resellers or free. And remember one thing: - I Will never sell any system or any other things for Romanian people, if someone tries to sell it or mean it's fucking scammer, and if u see Something scammer who sell my works, you can report this to me. Soon it ready new website, where there will be all new systems sales and presentations. ^^ Go on metin2dev and post system and send them the message that I told you. (sorry for my english) Here is informations about system: Download: https://mega.nz/#!3BAnEZJQ!QKo35FCxVr8AFjatiVk7KX2DmN62Pj14VHJQZ9tpyR0 Have fun, scammer ^^ #request close topic, so much spam xD
  4. Haha, no. xD I say here what he say, because he not have time for these shit now.
  5. Nobody will help u, you version crap and old shit, since April (first version). (And some people changed date from file to look like a ultimate version haha ^^ So, i think mods need to close this topic because this system is stolen (leaked). Ahh yeah and this code is *shit against the new version. Have fun ^^
  6. Hello world, xD https://www.metin2asgard.org First, I will start with the beginning. Specifically important details about server Asgard : - Server (Gameplay & Miscellaneous) - team - Why did you choose us? - Partners. - When will be officially Online? - The server is Pay4Win? - If it is different, it is Pokemon? - Why PvM Hard not something ...? - What do we need? <1> Gameplay & Other Information. It was thought very much, it comes with a new story. I mean a story different from the original, this will see the opening. Gameplay is hard (hard), and engaging is like this: classic and new, that? . What does that mean? - What is classical in my view, well hmm ... that moment when Yang currency has value, poisoned and / or steel are greatly sought after, without exaggerated level, and so on developments over developments I hope that they understand the idea. - Ok, beautiful and elegant, I said that would mean classic, now see what is new. Well the maximum level 107, an evolution over beta (many comments from so that every server offers the same thing), but I made a small objection. Park had to remain classic? A. M. G? Well, the thing is like this, you can perform the last armor (the level 107 in an armor Beta / possess, we have not decided exactly, without a high cost, the bonus is like the armor of 107 ). Useful Systems, will make a very brief enumeration: - Title System - Achievement System - Chose Skills System - Teleport System - System InfoDrop - Climate System - Inventory System Security - System Scarves - Shop Offline. - Pet System (scale) - Bank System - Change System Font - Buff System - Mount System - Weapon Skins - Won the Official New currency - The design is enhanced folders (not something out of the ordinary with a small exception, the two main kingdoms of maps changed), more in the future. Drop's going to be totally customized, specific dungeons as those of the official. (Does that spirit maintain a classic). There are these small details, to continue. - Where we inspired -?! The story and the server name is inspired by ancient mythology, namely the story of the ancient gods, specifically land of Asgard. <2> Server team is made up of some serious people who know what they want when it comes to a project, no matter how hard he (Yes, I know. This story was heard countless times, but ... it was not to be. We will come up with the following reply: time will say the word.) a.) Administrators: There are two in number, who coordinates the whole project, to be exact. - Marius Halic & zenu (Alin). Designers & Testers & Moderators: - Emporio, tenez, Ley, Alexandru Tudor OttoR3V, Alex L. * / is looking for testers, moderators / * b.) Moderators: People will keep quiet atmosphere of the game. - It is not yet decided exactly who, what and how. - - Number of moderators in total to be 6- <3> Why did you choose us? Simple! We can guarantee that the project is serious, is not child's play in their spare time, they have invested and continue to invest money. Regarding the investment in server, it can be seen from already existing systems. <4> partners. , We have partners with whom we worked, and we will collaborate further. (Not written in a certain order). 1. - Aninu Alin. 2. - Emperor Tasho (Geo) 3. - He wanted to remain anonymous. <5> When will be officially Online? . There is a lot of work to the server, but eventually his work reflects a quality server. I have to figure currently no exact opening date not to give wrong information. <6> The server is Pay4Win? From the start we say no, the mere proof, namely that everything is in itemshop an attorney and to be able to play (Ingame). We always want to put money in the first place, it is not only important thing in the world, I say no more about it. <7> If it is different, it is Pokemon? From my point of view this is an aberration, a replica of shit. What means pokemon? We want to bring something new, something new for players. Personally I was bored to see the copy - paste every day. I refrain from commenting further. <8> Why PvM Hard not something ...? Hard PvM, I see how the game is very stable (in economic terms), duration and banish the monotony. There ... as long as I get a reply I remember saying something like: "Work is victory." - Ralph Waldo Emerson ^ _ ^. <9> What do we need? - Only one thing we need people to test the server to solve problems, make gameplay and offer stable performance. - <10> I repeat, eventually. There is work enough, but we want the world to know for this project. - Other important information: The customer will appear on the site starting next week (Monday / Tuesday). - A server that respect, even if it is in beta stage must Aiva forum, we had one ... but we want something special, precisely at the moment creates a platform for forum 0, tied while the game's website. Soon to be ready, and there'll announce any information. Cam briefly so I had to say, said are some quick idea (I hope I have not bored too). Below a few pictures to leave the game. [/ img] [/ img] Update 1 - 20.09.2016. - Update Maintenance System (a system very useful) #description, - A forum soon to be released. With a platform built from 0 to be combined with a homepage. - Systema after the ticket website is now in version 2.0. - There were some changes made in offline shop (and still going to follow). - Interface game (Illumina has been restored to original) picture below. - Interface login, select, character creation is to v 2.0. - Fixes upgrade interface (blacksmith, Seyon). In working map names: [Info.] When will there just be standing forum will announce updates, s.a.m.d. Update 2 -10.10.2016 Other Informations && Update 1. added Duel system. Description: 2. S-optimized Src & Client. 3. pinned some exploits in offline shop. 4. Some improvements to the Pet System. 5. LoadPackageCryptInfo [PackageCryptInfo] Failed to load package / cshybridcrypt_metin2_patch_sg1.dat - Fixed (And many other errors sucks) 6. Check for / reload q (masodikbela) 7. A new option for offline shop (Thanks Tiger). 8. Trade Chat was added (Like WoM2). 9. Improved Event Card Okey. 10. Language System - Details: Translation Full Client -> Server (translate.lua / locale_string / quests (take). [!] I presented a few things will bring about gameplay, etc. What's next , 1.A video - Video 1b - -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
  7. Uuu , very nice . Good Luck !
  8. Best system biology, but very nice codes . Ahh...
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