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  1. The strucuture of your website is kinda shitty with some vulnerabilities in your website so i would recommend you to fix it.
  2. Did someone managed to get metin2 working on Raspberry pi?
  3. Make your own VDI for compiling there is a tutorial for that. Link:
  4. Hey devs! I'm trying to decrypt the current Item & Mob proto from my language (Dutch) but all public tools are "out-of-date". So if someone has a tool that can decrypt current Item & Mob proto I will really appreciate it if you can send me a download link. Or if its your own tool and don't want to make it public can you decrypt it for me? Download link: https://mega.nz/#!chkRFDSI!Uf9bM-mIJLNiJXeOvu2VkNZdpwZIBrRdx_n8wJeL7Aw Thanks in advance (Like will be given) Kind regards - WhiteHat
  5. What is a good structure then because i am trying to optimize my server.
  6. What is a high player count for you? 1k? 500? 200?
  7. I mean how many cores are enough to get a stable server?
  8. Hey guys, The title is already saying what question i have so how much cores is good enough for each channel and game99??? Thanks in advance - WhiteHat
  9. open CONFIGS of all channels + db + auth + game99 and check if this information is correct. PLAYER_SQL: localhost metin2 password player COMMON_SQL: localhost metin2 password common LOG_SQL: localhost metin2 password log So change the username and password to the username and password you assigned when you GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES. You understand? Click solve if it helped you someone else going to have the same problem!
  10. He wants to know if you didn't screw with the php (vulnerabilities or backdoors).
  11. Do you have a date in mind when you will release it? @Vanilla
  12. Follow this tutorial and its fixed! Leave a like and click solved to help other people!
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