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  1. what should i do to fix the below image ? my syserr is clean
  2. how can i fix the below error ::
  3. Solved ! i just removed the "" from config cores. thank you
  4. how can i fix the below error ::
  5. i have a sf / client that only have 2 kingdoms ! the yellow kingdom is disabled ... how can i enable it again ?
  6. how can i remove the backdoor from my source or gamecore ??
  7. @WLsj24 I actually did nothing ... i just got rid of it when i bought a better VPS. I was running my server on a 2GB VPS and now 8GB
  8. @Dobrescu Sebastian I did try to disable it but now i can't log ! it's stuck at * connecting to the server * , I used this tut https://mega.nz/#!8KgjnCbT!NMqJtGiUkIwQNb7iLLa2fPmmGTBUr3yIIN4YgjRN04g Auth syerr :
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