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  1. ld-elf.so.1: /home/srv1/share/locale/germany/quest/qc: Undefined symbol "_ZNSt24__default_alloc_templateILb1ELi0EE8allocateEj" When i compile quests i get the following error.
  2. I restarted mysql before,shouldi add this in my.cnf -> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'sql_mode' ; ?
  3. Still can't find my.cnf ps -aux|grep mysql
  4. This file does not exist /usr/local/my.cnf
  5. ERROR 1067 (42000) at line 243: Invalid default value for 'time' I get this error when i am trying to run a sql file. This is the line when it causes me the problem : `time` datetime When i delete the DEFAULT CURRENT_TIMESTAMP runs successfully. Does anyone knows how to fix it?
  6. But when i launch the game it may saves my ip.
  7. Is there a way using a vpn for official?
  8. What is the logic of the calculation of flag and antiflag?Is there a link that explains it ?
  9. SYSERR: Jan 23 17:08:19.657626 :: Set_Proto_Item_Table: ItemProto Reading Failed : Invalid value. (index: 2, col: 2, value: ITEM_STANDARD_PET) SYSERR: Jan 23 17:08:15.749523 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Out of range value for column 'size' at row 1 (query: replace into mob_proto (vnum, name, locale_name, type, rank, battle_type, level, size, ai_flag, setRaceFlag, setImmuneFlag, on_click, empire, drop_item, resurrection_vnum, folder, st, dx, ht, iq, damage_min, damage_max, max_hp, regen_cycle, regen_percent, exp, gold_min, gold_max, def, attack_speed, move_speed, aggressive_hp_pct, a
  10. Is there a tool that converts a/some quest(s) to gameforge style? I mean all text be read from translate.lua Thanks
  11. first say how after i'll say you the fix
  12. Please someone could send me an extern that works for visual studio 2017?
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