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  1. Could someone please share with us the data of models (motlist) please? I've searched on official patch and on public serverfiles but didnt find them complete.
  2. I search for someone help me handle some things with c++
  3. My test player gets kicked and i get these errors. SYSERR: Aug 1 16:48:11 :: SyncPosition: Too often SyncPosition Interval(1ms)(mob) from Name(killerz) VICTIM(480360,975720) SYNC(480299,975702) SYSERR: Aug 1 16:49:00 :: HandshakeProcess: handshake retry limit reached! (limit 32 character !NO CHARACTER!) Also i can't understand what's wrong and i get this error BAN_PK position for mob spawn ?????? ??? 2960 at 9288317 9300468
  4. What happened with WoM2 ?
  5. Αre there any countries that have weakness on law about copyrights?
  6. effectfile "d:/ymir work/effect/dl2_effects/bird_little_01.mse" d:/ymir work/effect/dl2_effects/butterfly_01.mse i cant find these files dude,can you upload them please?
  7. A tricky solution is try to resize the minimap file to your window's file.If this works and the quality of the icon is good, then try resize all the minimaps with a python script.
  8. Does anyone have these functions? Class:CPythonNonPlayer Function: GetNameString Class:CGraphicTextInstance Function:GetRenderPositions,SetFixedRenderPos,SetRenderPos
  9. i found this on internet _wuint32 = unsigned int _wint32 = int _ wfloat = float ok i defined them and i fixed it
  10. 0621 18:30:24463 :: GRANNY: d:/dev/rad/granny/rt/granny_file.cpp(939): ERROR: File is file format revision 6 (current version is 7) --- [2] Warning --- [24] FileReading 0621 18:30:24468 :: GRANNY: d:/dev/rad/granny/rt/granny_file_info.cpp(87): ERROR: File has run-time type tag of 0x80000010, which doesn't match this version of Granny (0x80000037). Automatic conversion will be attempted. --- [2] Warning --- [24] FileReading Granny version:11
  11. Ι get this sysser in auth Process: UNKNOWN HEADER: 175, LAST HEADER: 111(65), REMAIN BYTES: 1, fd: 15 and i can't login. Does anyone know what should i do? I upgraded my machine to 2gb ram. Should i use a stronger cpu or is there anything else i can do?
  12. So RAM has the role about having the players's data that are online and the cores that are runnng, and CPU has the role with doing the mathematical operations?
  13. Ok thanks a lot, for supporting many players online does cpu or ram help? Can someone explains me please with details?
  14. Hello guys, I a server with these specifics: https://ibb.co/yhFMBBh I compile my source on it.When i run my server i can't connect to navicat until i restart mysql and i also can't connect to game. I get this sysser:SYSERR: Jun 19 19:49:18 :: heart_idle: losing 30 seconds. (lag occured) Should i upgrade my server ?If yes to 2gb ram will it be okay , or it is cpu's problem. Sorry guys , I have some years to work on freebsd and on metin2 stuff ^_^
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