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  1. Type in your console: pkg install gmake
  2. Hey, you can use the same host for 2 servers as long as your servers aren't using the same ports.
  3. The swimming system is insane! Would be nice to see this on private servers! Good job!
  4. Try set gold_expire = NOW() + INTERVAL x DAY instead of: gold_expire=DATE() + "..(get_time() + x*60*60*24).."
  5. $ip="SERVER IP"; Replace SERVER IP with your game server's ip address. If your website is hosted on the same machine as the gameserver then you're ip should be (localhost).
  6. Activate ipv4 & dhcp. Set networking adapter as NAT. Run this: * Note, your network interface might not be em0, you have to change em0 with your interface. Kind regards.
  7. Purpose of this HowTo: Making your Makefile's output look cleaner. Guide:
  8. pkg install cryptopp rm -rf /path/to/Extern/include/cryptopp mv /usr/local/include/cryptopp /path/to/Extern/include/cryptopp
  9. Repair your tables, and post your syserr here.
  10. What are those circles exactly? Only map effects or timer-based map aoe damage spawned on random locations?
  11. Maybe he needs dynamic object spawns.
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