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  1. Hi. I am using source binary from terenzo. I have downgraded DirectX 9 to 8 for fix texture error (like that) . On WIndows 7 and XP all work fine. All bug have been fixed. But i have new bug on win 10
  2. I am trying to fix dragon souls, soo... I was finding someting interesting for me in item_proto.txt. Does it look like that? http://pastebin.com/4idzrh70 In my opinion "ITEM_NONE" is weird. Could somebody send my piece of item_proto.txt with dragon soul?
  3. Yes I have amd If I downgrande to dx8 Its fix ?
  4. When i turn on second window with game I have bug with texture like that... Some body know how to fix that ? I am using source from Terenzo.
  5. Hi devs, i have problem with gr2 e.g armor, animations. When I packed files to pack and run client, I don't see armor. But when I open client that file from disc it's work. This files was exported from 3ds max 2011. edit: Problem soved, pack archiver was buged.
  6. I was adding acce but I have problem with undefined reference I have that erros when i trying compile game source: How to fix that ? PS: I have included "acce.h"
  7. I want to use function from char_item.cpp in input_main.cpp. this function was declared in char.h and included into input_Main.cpp... soo.. When I compiling I have that error log: input_main.cpp:3043: error: 'DoRefine' was not declared in this scope How to delare this function in scope ?
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