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  1. You probably say the same things if I insult you. That's why I care. Regards Jodie
  2. def bullshit_codes_are_always_here_i_dont_know_why_they_always_here(self, arg = "Because those codes are always sh*t no matter what"): pass Also, it doesn't fit to insult the people who don't live in turkey and non-muslim! At first, they're human like us. You have to be respect them! GTFO if you don't. @xP3NG3Rx Regards Jodie
  3. Yeah, they're changing a lot things at the moment
  4. It depends on who wants to add those things but you're right Meanwhile, you forgot GUILDBANK, PET_FEED and so on - Jodie
  5. Then use, pc.get_guild(). It returns guild id if you have a guild. Otherwise it will return zero. guild.get_name(player.get_guild()) - Jodie
  6. int guild_get_name(lua_State * L) { if (!lua_isnumber(L, 1)) { lua_pushstring(L, ""); return 1; } CGuild * pkGuild = CGuildManager::instance().FindGuild((DWORD) lua_tonumber(L, 1)); if (pkGuild) lua_pushstring(L, pkGuild->GetName()); else lua_pushstring(L, ""); return 1; } That means, you have to enter the guild id. The function will return empty string if you don't - Jodie
  7. I was looking at metin2client.bin about the new functions. I wanted to share one function with you. They're probably using this for new systems. So, let's do this Open PythonPlayerModule.cpp PyObject * playerWindowTypeToSlotType(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs) { int iWindowType = 0; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iWindowType)) return Py_BuildException(); return Py_BuildValue("i", WindowTypeToSlotType(iWindowType)); } Search this { "SendDragonSoulRefine", playerSendDragonSoulRefine, METH_VARARGS }, Add this { "WindowTypeToSlotType", playerWin
  8. I just liked the new guild system. The new dungeon looks fine (Graphic) but it doesn't fit for metin2. I think, they can do better than this. - Jodie
  9. Personally, why did you open your topic at this section? Whatever, your problem is about hook. (Detours.h) http://bfy.tw/6i6m - Jodie
  10. Jodie


    You could try to increase the mob's attack speed or you could increase the attention of the monster in the source files. - Jodie
  11. Just look at UserInterface.cpp and find 'python2.lib' with 'python27.lib' if you're using python 2.7. 'python22.lib' if you don't. - Jodie
  12. The first error is saying that you don't have resist_claw column in your mob_proto.sql. It will be okay if you add that column in your mob_proto.sql. The second error is saying that there is a query problem about monarch. - Jodie
  13. Errorlog.txt is only working when you're using your binary in distribute mode or release mode. You can debug your executable file(metin2client.bin) with Visual Studio if you know a bit visual studio. We can't do anything for you at the moment. At least, we don't know the error exactly. - Jodie
  14. Those things are wrong. It should be like this if you don't using acce and weapon costume system. WEAR_RING1 should be 21 WEAR_RING2 should be 22 WEAR_BELT should be 23 - Jodie
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