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  1. give me your : db/conf.txt auth/config ch1/config try to run server and send me screen with command bsd "ps"
  2. Hello, I have a small problem with compilation source mt2, sometimes when i start compiling gets this error: solution is repeat compilation, but I don't know how to fix the problem {standard input}: Assembler messages: {standard input}:29780: Warning: end of file in string; '"' inserted {standard input}: Assembler messages: {standard input}:64579: Warning: end of file not at end of a line; newline inserted {standard input}:66402: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.' g++: Internal error: Killed: 9 (program cc1plus) Please submit a full bug report. See <URL:http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs
  3. Never more help for dudes like you. If you are looking for answers on the forum and you will find it should announce the answer because the next with such a problem had no problem finding. You are so toxic !
  4. Editing db source code can trigger this response. If u edited something in db source, run clean version and compare.
  5. @fmdogancan bro, it's a example exp to 22 guild level. Wake up
  6. Please dude, from where you have this version, if you can't cope with errors? and... if you call for help, tag line numbers
  7. @Ken won't be a bug when you wear and add bonuses?
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