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  1. This is cancer for your server. A web api built with PHP would have more sense than this.
  2. https://github.com/retvari/game-patcher
  3. So, you are deleting and recreating the table with the items on each server restart? If I'm not wrong, koray's offline shop uses a different engine for tables. Change it to the metin2 default mysql engine and it won't corrupt (I think it is InnoDB or Mysam, I can't remember).
  4. what do you think about Kori files? Are they worth 50€ or is it better to wait for the new version of vanilla's files?
  5. if you're asking for a tutorial then that's not your stuff... Any news about the new update?
  6. Hello, I need to allow player kills other players (free for all mode, all vs all) in a map with map_index = 66. How can I do that? I need the game to ignore the PkMode. If players use "Peace mode" they can't kill the players of the same empire. Which function should I edit? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello, I have the following problem: My GameType.h #ifdef ENABLE_COSTUME_SYSTEM const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Start = c_Equipment_Start + 19; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Body = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 0; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Hair = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 1; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Acce = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 2; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Mount = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 3; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Weapon = c_Costume_Slot_Start + 4; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_Count = 5; const DWORD c_Costume_Slot_End = c_Costume_Slot_Start + c_Costume_Slot_Count; #endif My
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