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  1. Hello guys, I added skybox new system, but when i try to change skyboxes, some works and others making the client freezes without any syserr, when i tried to use the client debugger, it crashes and not responding. by the way i have tried to add this system on other metin2 clients and it works perfectly. I hope you can help me and thanks in advance
  2. Hello Guys When i go to the skipia dungeon the character is appears under ground like the photo, I hope you can help me
  3. Hello Guys After adding the new official emotions, it works greatly, but the client syserr shows me that there's a problem which is : 0512 02:49:25045 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 352 0512 02:49:25046 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 353 0512 02:49:25047 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 354 0512 02:49:25048 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 355 0512 02:49:25049 :: CRaceMotionData::SetName - UNKNOWN NAME 356 I Hope you guys help me and thanks in advance
  4. I already added this emoji textline tutorial and it doesn't work, it only shows me text instead of the photo of emoji
  5. Hello Guys i have a bug in emoji system I have a problem in the emoji system, when i try to write for example : D it appears like that emoji/e_d and the photo of the emoji doesn't appear ]] https://ibb.co/swcX9Gq Thanks in advance
  6. how i can check it please ? and how i can make my client accept any 40k item proto
  7. Hello Guys, I tried to decrypt the tiem_proto using nirvana files by all tools but i failed and when i try to change the item_proto it shows me an syserr 0425 03:22:03928 :: CPythonItem::LoadItemTable: invalid item_proto[locale/ae/item_proto] STRIDE[156] != sizeof(SItemTable) 0425 03:22:03929 :: LoadLocaleData - LoadItemProto(locale/ae/item_proto) Error 0425 03:22:11871 :: Unknown Server Command xmas_boom 1 | xmas_boom 0425 03:22:11871 :: CPythonPlayer::SetItemData(window_type : 1, dwSlotIndex=3, itemIndex=53526) - Failed to item data can anyone please help?! because i hav
  8. Hello Guys, I have made a button to change sky box, when someone click on that button, it should change the sky boxes but it doesn't work, so can anyone please check what's wrong with that code Thanks in advance def ClickSky(self): if constInfo.Night == 0: background.RegisterEnvironmentData(1, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_NIGHT) background.SetEnvironmentData(1) constInfo.Night = 1 elif constInfo.Night == 2: background.RegisterEnvironmentData(2, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_Skybox4) background.SetEnvironmentData(2) constInfo.Night = 2 elif constInfo.Night == 3: b
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