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  1. I have all delete, I test after week. No debug... juste freeze and is very slow. I make a video, and i post with all exemple and multi serveur and client & source. Cordialy
  2. I do not understand what could be missing! Clients in C ++ are made to have no dependency. So no, nothing is missing. And as I say the .exe under visual studio 2017 works. The official server also works but not the private servers. So funny coincidence aha Version of your windows ? (screen)
  3. Not me, how do you explain that many servers do not work then? But when I'm on the official server or my source compile under vs 2017 everything works?
  4. Hello, I open this topic to warn people who are not fluent. I am passing on the latest version of Windows 10 (1709). I had a problem on all the servers I tested. Because with the new Windows update, all compilers other than Visual Studio 2017 will only give .exe unusable. So I advise any server manager to get up to speed if it is not already done because you will lose players. Ps: Sorry bad english, i speak french.
  5. UP -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: I compiled with Visual Studio 2017, it works. So all Visual Studio versions below 2017 are unusable for the new update. I advise everyone to compile their client under vs2017 or they will lose players if it's not already done!
  6. Is news version : Windows 10 version 1709 Fall Creators Update Update lib: client or source ? I have tested client official with my source, not working.
  7. Hello, I open this post because I have a big problem. No more servers are running on the new windows update, when I launch the game everything is very very slow! The loading lasts 5 minutes and in game when I change armor his freeze! I tested several servers, several clients, several sources and it's the same thing! I try to put me source in the client of the official, does not work either. Only the official server works and does not have this bug. My version Windows is (Windows 10 version 1709 Fall Creators Update):
  8. Hi I search cms for my serveur aion Have you a cms complet? Thx
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