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  1. With the update of the '08/08/2016 will make the following changes: You can enter in this dungeon every 1 hour. The dungeon has got some metin. If you destroy it, the HP of Beran will decrease. Drop: Dragon scales Claw Dragon Magical metal Iron Casket Dragon Scroll Marble Blessing Item Tears of Heaven +7 Phoenix Shoes +7 Ecstasy Shoes +7 Nimbus Boots +7 Shoe Bird Burning +7 Pearl White / Blue / Red Claim Experience ring Fight Criticism / piercing Thief Glove Hematite This mob will have 30 min of resp
  2. You need use right folder "lib" with python2x.dll Best Regards.
  3. I think that there is a converter created by ricky92. Check it Best Regards
  4. Check here: char.cpp Best Regards.
  5. UP! OX Event -> More Information -> http://ashesmetin2.eu/board/index.php?thread/86-ox-event-02-07-2016/ Best Regards.
  6. Website: www.ashesmetin2.eu Forum: www.ashesmetin2.eu/board/ Ticket: www.ashesmetin2.eu/ticket/ Best Regards, AshesMetin2 Team
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