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  1. I'm trying to run game_rxxxx file from Server/game but when I use sh game_rxxxxxx_xx file, I'm getting game_rxxxxx_xx: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected. Did I executed the wrong command or something? When I did file game_rxxxxxx_xx I'm getting ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Inte 80386, version 1. How can I solve the error and start the server? Thanks.
  2. Searched on google and tried with or without makeFile folder, but still got the same error.
  3. Up, still getting that error even if I upload cipher.o (as he gets deleted after gmake every time)
  4. Hy, if you are still working on this mmo, I can help with coding (some stuff) and 3d modelling. I'm still learning stuff, so I'm not an expert or anything like that but I can help a bit this project, if you need .
  5. I got a compile error when I tried to do a gmake all on Server. It's using novaline server. The error is: gmake[1]: *** [Makefile:120: .obj/main.o] Error 1gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/usr/src/metin2/Server/game/src'gmake: *** [Makefile:89: all] Error 2 I was following a compile video guide, and he got no errors, I have no idea why I got the errors. After transfering Server from local to the VM, I also overrite the server with Makefile Folder. Can someone help me with the errors. Thanks. EDIT: SOLVED In order to solve it, you need to use 9.3, as any other vers
  6. Instead of using the 9.3 version, get the latest version (iso file i386 aswell). Support for dialog4ports for 9.3 is not available anymore, so you need to get the latest version
  7. Thanks for reply. I'm currently using Visual Studio 2016, tho I'll try netbeans aswell. My problem is that from the source code I got I have this files: dev, dev_wolf_branch, mainline, mainline_cython, mainline_released, mainline_w2.0, mainline_w2.1, novaline. I have no idea what those means. I can get around the files itself, but those folders are burning my head.
  8. The title is a bit confusing, sorry for that. I got the source code for the metin2 server: https://mega.nz/#!495jzAKR!mYfQan6shvX2h7M4u3uAEpU5hTQkLajHeMvsySHGhtk , I looked into it, but I'm pretty much confused. What I want to know is where to start looking into server files? I want to modify mostly everything, from mobs to map, items, bonuses, skills, classes, so all I want is a "beginning index" file, from where I can start to track the code and modify stuff. Thanks.
  9. Hello. I'm new here and sorry for this stupid question, but I tried to find on the google metin2 source code, so I could edit cpp/python files, but the only arhive I found had viruses, so my question is, can someone link me a clean client, where I can start editing? I don't need an up to date or anything like that. Even old clients are good, I just need the basic game (even if it doesn't have pet system or lycan class or anything like that). Thanks.
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