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  1. I have two channel with two core3 1° Channel = core1/2/3 2° Channel core1/2/3 I have submap yes. (Hwang Temple and Devil Tower same core) Quest here: (It's not problem of quest because sometimes if i do login i have 0 quest like clean object and i need re-do login) Hunt quest (5-10) http://pastebin.com/Sr8nqg87 || http://pastebin.com/bXa6KrPS Biologist (Official quest <.<) http://pastebin.com/Kj3vkYhs
  2. Hi all. I have some bugs in my server. I can pay for fix. 1° Bug: I have my Devil Tower Dungeon in my core3. I have this syseer: P2PJoin: member is not in same channel PID: 3081 channel 1, this channel 2 2° Bug: Re-Assign of quest. I have quest level 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50 ok? (Just example) If i do quest level 5-10-15-20, i receive quest level 25 and 5 Biologist quest, too. Quests are OK. I'm using official biologist quest so... (Sometimes __status doesn't save in my DB , i think that it's permission problem,
  3. Hi. I have got this bug .. Sometimes when somebody want to go in the deviltower in group my core crash Syseer: SYSERR: Jun 25 00:39:46 :: SetDungeon: Tester001 is trying to reassigning dungeon (current 0x2b901000, new party 0x2b901000) SYSERR: Jun 25 00:39:47 :: SetDungeon: Tester 002is trying to reassigning dungeon (current 0x2b901000, new party 0x2b901000) game.core: I hope that somobody can help me ^^
  4. Hi. I have got a bug with cube. I have add enchant item (39028/39029). It's my cube.txt: section npc 20017 item 39029 200 reward 39028 50 percent 100 end If i try to do 39028 and i try to put 39029, i can't put it. I need to click on item 39029 and it add it directly. I have got this error: 0623 22:10:34668 :: Traceback (most recent call last): 0623 22:10:34668 :: File "game.py", line 1647, in BINARY_Cube_Open 0623 22:10:34669 :: File "uiCube.py", line 442, in Refresh 0623
  5. Hello to all. I need help. When I go in the map Doyyumhwaji and yellow kingdom, not teleports me. With the other two kingdoms, red and blue runs. I tried changing the "server_attr file" server-side, client-side map is the official client. Syseer: WarpSet: cannot find map location index 9 x 623103 y 690553 name Kar0n I'm in map index == 9 and i try to go with Teleporter or with /warp, it gives me error. Help please! Town.txt : 768 768 106 1419 90 78 1419 754 Settings.txt: ScriptType MapSetting CellScale 200 HeightSca
  6. 0612 14:37:30130 :: KeyError 0612 14:37:30130 :: : 0612 14:37:30130 :: 'test_button' 0612 14:37:30130 :: ..
  7. I need add function to button. How can i do it?
  8. Solved. Arves noob thanks <3
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