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  1. @xXIntelXx I think is good, but, in compile i have this error mob_drop_manager.cpp:478: error: return-statement with no value, in function returning 'int' for this function if(!pkChar || !pkKiller) return; i have remplace with if(!pkChar || !pkKiller) return 0; for try compile and this good, but i dont know when modif is good or bad
  2. I also recommend, to use its free system it's a good job
  3. Hello, i have probleme when converter, i cant convert common_drop_item, o have error lign 2 phase 6 and i dont know why, because i havent modified this fichier
  4. your execute sql requete in good database?
  5. Hello, i have upgrade my devil lib with version 1.8 but, i have one bug with this, the guildmark icon have bug, and icon appear is not complete
  6. Exactly, I don't have a syserr, but it came from my cube.txt which contained an error
  7. Hello, i have problem, when i use scrollbar in cube window my client crash with this client close inopined and in dont know why
  8. no i have this bug if i switch armor without bonus HP but i have solved probleme
  9. Hello i have error/bug on HP, eg use armor with 3,000 HP, use the item 71027 there if I change the equipment to an HP without my maximum HP is normal over HP is greater than the maximum HP, how to fix this error? bug ->
  10. Hello, i have remplaced all my fonction for dynamic python but now i have this error 0113 23:56:17572 :: File " 0113 23:56:17572 :: game.py 0113 23:56:17572 :: ", line 0113 23:56:17572 :: 3055 0113 23:56:17572 :: 0113 23:56:17572 :: 0113 23:56:17572 :: player = __import__(pythonApi.GetModuleName("player")) as ch
  11. if you use koray shop is normal, is not a bug
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