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  1. It works really good, me and a few friends have dedicated servers with them, and yes it is better than voxility and ovh, it has low false positives and a really nice network with decent latency for our players. They aren't resellers, they run their own network with their own equipments and technology, also their support is really cool. Their protection doesn't perform re-routing of traffic, is is always online in any services you have.
  2. DarkMax


    Hi, Ben. Please define "good", because what is "good" for you may not be "good" for others or vice-versa, if you want a decent hosting provider, with amazing DDoS Protection and a very good support team, as long you can pay for it, you can work with the Forum Sponsor. http://www.hyperfilter.com they are reputable and pretty good.
  3. This is loss of profit for the forums...
  4. I didn't ask in terms of "FreeBSD", I've asked in a Metin 2 P-Server usage scenario my friend, I think you knew we are in a forum dedicated for this.
  5. I've heard the networking core got improved in 10 when compared to 9, and I was thinking into using 10 yes. Just wanted to hear some more thoughts to see if I've missed anything else, just in case hehehe.
  6. So, I'm going to setup my new dedicated server I've got in www.hyperfilter.com although there is a question, which operating system is currently the best one ? FreeBSD 9, 10 or 11 (Development) ?
  7. Not sure if you guys noticed it, but 99% of the users cannot see this banner because of AD Blocker being used in most browsers, maybe you should check that to fix it so AD Blocker is bypassed.
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