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  1. Solved , isn't from binary , season1 / season2 / season3 .eix,epk T/C
  2. Checked in Binary and Game source , nothing there , upp !
  3. I modified with the good sizes from first (i'm not that noob) , i searched in uiminimap.py and i didn't saw anything wrong , that's wierd... class MiniMap(ui.ScriptWindow): CANNOT_SEE_INFO_MAP_DICT = { "metin2_map_monkeydungeon" : FALSE, "metin2_map_monkeydungeon_02" : FALSE, "metin2_map_monkeydungeon_03" : FALSE, "metin2_map_devilsCatacomb" : FALSE, } The only time he says anything about a map. Could be binary? or src?
  4. I already did that , but still not opening , for first step , i made a map myself (photoshop), but that doesn't matter , it should show up , right?
  5. Hello devs, I've been looking for some time about how to "repair" v3/v4 maps i modified atlas from etc but nothing.I'm sure that it works , i saw on other server. If someone know how to add Large Map on "V3/V4/RedWood Forest/Miria/etc" , please leave a reply
  6. Hello devs, After i installed Destroy item (Dropdialog) source , client , and i uploaded the quest to server , then got this problem: After i hit OK, nothing happens (without quest the window doesn't appear) Here is the quest: quest stergeitem begin state start begin function ItemZerstoeren(slot, vnum) chat("Item-ul a fost distrus cu success.") item.select_cell(slot) item.remove_stack() end when letter begin cmdchat("ITEMZER QID|"..q.getcurrentquestindex()) end when button or info begin cmdchat("getinputbegin") local cmd = split(in
  7. I don't need off topic , if you are so intelligent , why don't you say something constructive , i know that is something wrong with a value (int,DWORD,long) , should be long long , but i searched a lot and i didn't saw something wrong.
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