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  1. is there any way to resolve https://gyazo.com/f5245b134dc63a1fd3ad1f199900b88e (when you move/or change the camera position it disappears
  2. ??? the only limitation is "ShapeDataCount" in .msm from root which can be changed with how much you want.
  3. i had 8 gb ram ddr3 and 2 core 3,3 ghz with 1k online, 32 is more than you need for 500 players.
  4. https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Update-C-Status?fbclid=IwAR32JD2ojmFhFUR4cuD4hwhBBz-Y3__KsDfSKFwQ81dqrJVEteaVSrcwWPg\ upgrade your source. don't forget to make some backups.
  5. I have changed the itemshop link to youtube but the problem is that when is open i can't move with wasd,i can't open and whrite in the chat.. i have looked in the uiweb.py from root webwindowd.py from uiscript and the in client source but o can't find anything..
  6. https://mega.nz/#!1FBggSLK!PD4TNZjBZ1oDwyQ5EjhvqWeyy2zGwDKaH9iUVbjVogw this?
  7. that's the moment when you use the windows delete command
  8. i did an command named ugly_ban and when i use it on a specific player it creates an folder somewhere in windows,and if you have that folder the game will not open.
  9. if his ip doesn't change u can block that ip in your firewall
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