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  1. Everything related to real time packets trade have that thing(ping/pong) as the metin source too.
  2. Wrong username on dicord ^^. btw node.js is a runtime. here you can run servers(expressjs) or other things. to compile/build your website for production are other packages (vue/react/svelte etc) that are using webpack anyways if you really want a website build using node technologies then add me ^^ Ryuzeke#3984
  3. Its good idea to help someone like that. on my project tho that i want everything under control i would like a logic bug (logic because you can't have an item with out an image) to crash. so i would throw an errror there ^^ its just different point of view. your idea is good tho for the other ones than me
  4. Better let a bug crash your client than fixing it with that "fixing" lines. can item been with blank image? logic says no. let it crash to find where you missing files ^^
  5. Yeah there will be a skin system per server for custom designs thats just for a starting version. for the start i dont point at the view but on the code. skins will be better with time
  6. Hello community long time no see. Some weeks ago i started a project for metin2wiki and i started made it as platform(Im not selling/giving code) that someone will can login/register pay a price per month(not yet) upload all the needed files(item.proto.txt etc etc) and our platform make the wiki for you(we have the hosting and it will be like: www.wiki.com/servername but you can take it as iframe on your site or make your domain point on this). i dont want to be in details for now the reason i made this post is that in some weeks from now i will need some online servers to test my wiki(of
  7. I could make this one with nodejs & electron if u Interesting send me a message ^^
  8. You are totally right but pdo its more paramatized from mysql (not mysqli cause mysqli is updated to) so i can me something like "more secure" the thing i want to say is that 80% metin2 public sites now are with old code(mysql) and you can find some backdoors
  9. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Screen: Video: https://streamable.com/v4j50 Why is this feature good? Cause every yang goes on this little window and players can see the chat log with out the yang spamming when the farm ^^ Download: Mega
  10. Go on client source PythonPlayer and search for this: void CPythonPlayer::SendClickItemPacket(DWORD dwIID) if you do s_dwNextTCPTime = 0 and comment the s_dwNextTCPTime=dwCurTime + 500; down there it will have no delay. example code: void CPythonPlayer::SendClickItemPacket(DWORD dwIID) { if (IsObserverMode()) return; static DWORD s_dwNextTCPTime = 0; DWORD dwCurTime=ELTimer_GetMSec(); if (dwCurTime >= s_dwNextTCPTime) { // s_dwNextTCPTime=dwCurTime + 500; const char * c_szOwnerName; if (!CPythonItem::Instance().GetOwnership(dwIID, &c_szOwnerName))
  11. Thats a way xD but the better way its to search where this log functions you dont want called on your source and comment this or make it with defines if you want someday to open them again
  12. You dont need to show the flag when player is vip? instancebaseeffect.cpp replace this: else if (pkInstMain->IsVIP()) { } with: if (pkInstMain->IsVIP()) return;
  13. Mt2 serverfiles was leaked i think on 2007. i think new versions/updates are fanmade (not surely about all that )
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