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  1. Solved, some time ago i removed improved packet encryption and that case the error. I taked it back, and now it's works good.
  2. Yes i doing it now because no one want to give me perfect gr2 files for this system
  3. Someone told me if in the gr2 files it attached to neck instead of spine2 then it'll be good. If you have good gr2 models can you send me? If neccesserry i can pay for it.
  4. Don't really know. It works perfect with one hand sword. I think it's attached. Only just with two hand sword it's look like buggy. i'll made a gif or video to show in some min. Here is the video:
  5. Dont think so because it's not just with the new sashes. Or if you 100% sure can you send me correct gr2 files? (no item_scale) thanks
  6. Hi i'm using an acce system without item_scale. It's working good except 1 thing. Only with warrior 2hand weapon. See picture: And with 1hand weapon it's good: Is it possible to fix it without remove all system to add another sash system?
  7. Hi, When i equip a costume weapon, the sword +7 / +8 / +9 effect not disappear. If i ride a mount or relog, the effect disappear. Can somebody give me a fix to the effect disappear immediately when i equip a costume weapon? Edit: Figured out and solved UserInterface/InstanceBase.cpp void CInstanceBase::RefreshState(DWORD dwMotIndex, bool isLoop) { DWORD dwPartItemID = m_GraphicThingInstance.GetPartItemID(CRaceData::PART_WEAPON); BYTE byItemType = 0xff; BYTE bySubType = 0xff; CItemManager & rkItemMgr = CItemManager::Instance(); CItemData * pItem
  8. Worked, but i think it's a very weak fix for this. Anyway thanks, it's good for temp fix. If someone know the real cause of the problem please let me know
  9. Hi, I installed GF character select and a bug appear. After creating a new character, the login quest text stays there after we click "ok". Not affecting just new character, any character after login click to an npc whitch use when x.click begin and not when x.chat."xy" begin and the bug appears too. No syserr, totally empty. Any idea please?
  10. You're welcome (Yesterday i was looking for that site and google 1. hit was this topic, and i reply that "i'm looking for it too" to avoid starting the same topic but finally after some hours of reserch found it and edited the comment with dl)
  11. Hi, I heard that if someone uses a non exist skill id, the server crashes. Is there any fix for that?
  12. http://www81.zippyshare.com/v/qTiTAzWd/file.html There will be a lot of work with it.
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