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  1. You dont have to change it to PID. You can simply update the messenger_list by changing the last name with the new one both on account and companion rows.
  2. There was no intention to attack you in any way what so ever so don't take it that personally. I just resumed to the fact that my quest was written like (3 years ago >> released 2y ago) and yea, it was poorly written, can't lie about that. Even tho, i don't have the time nor the mood to update all my releases. Anyway, back to the Duplicate bug, i was refering to the update packet part of the func, i said that since the update is made through SQL and you actually have to wait until the DB is updating your player account data there won't be any issue what so ever. I do know that the pc_change name uses SQL but it also uses update packets that are not P2P so it cant be updated on every each core. Whatever, the point is, you are one of the fewest persons that actually know what are doing in LUA so for me, there is no motive to attack and so on. Therefore i'll add you on Discord so we can talk it further
  3. Eh old stuff, can be improved so much but i don't quite have the time to improve all my releases for now. @Syreldar Not sure what you want to say but i guess we both know LUA's syntax is not that complex lol Whatever, Syreldar version is alright but i would avoid that retarded loop anyway so: https://pastebin.com/ngi4ZXvB (Regarding Duplicate bug, that bug only exists if you use pc.change_name function, since the function that changes name is based on SQL there won't be any Duplicate Bugs)
  4. So, what are you saying does not even make logic. The quest does exactly what it's supposed to. What you need is the "enter" event, with that, the quest know it must execute the code below. So you dont have to change a thing in the first state, the second state with the informations must be changed, from when letter begin into when login or enter begin, when you set_state(information) in the first state it means that you enter a new state and that triggers the event and execute your things without need of teleport. (This is from what im remembering, i might be wrong tho, i didn't docummented myself so i can say 100% sure but yea it should work like that xD)
  5. This would make a real good weapon set and armor set if you ask me
  6. Well then move "main_quest's" over to /quest folder.
  7. The error indicates that the "quest compiler" does not exists, not that you cannot compile your main_quest. The "quest compiler" is usualy find in ../quest path, so if you want to access it just go through the right path.
  8. I'm not talking about this in special, i'm generalizing it.
  9. Properly clearing memory after using it it's a must.
  10. Hi, this is a common issue. Maybe is because at login is set to a null pointer but im not sure (didn't check actually) Anyway, if you are trying to write "rejoin func" into dungeons keep in mind that each time someone leaves the dungeon and it has timers on him, timers will be removed. Therefore i suggest you to take a better look on this function because it can be messy af
  11. Hi, since i have never released anything here, i tought it would be a great start releasing this quest. As you well know i have a LUA Service topic here and even tho this quest is not much about LUA because of course its based on Metin2 functions it's quite alright for you to take a first impresion. Link: https://github.com/braxy122/editableMission Best regards, Braxy.
  12. Am i the only one who noticed that Uriel running like there is no tomorrow?
  13. HUGE UPDATE 07.11.2019 Dojang PvP Contest What is Dojang PvP Contest? It's a PvP Torunament that take place into a arena with 4 fight places. The system is already written, but in a way that inflicts bugs and it's almost unplayable. Code structure: - System is based on Cache data. - Every each aspect of the dojang is execute by the server not by the Players so that cannot inflicts any issues. - Dojang Functions and Data are loadead when event starts. - The system has also a ranking system that works with cache (Updating DB after the dojang is over) - Offline players are well managed so that if they are offline while they are teleported or even if they are not teleported, the partner that they are fighting with will be automatically moved to the other fight. Dojang Futures: - Offline Players Management (Automatically done by the System) - Ranks, Statistics of players (Based on Cache, almost 0% MySQL usage) - Easily to be configured - Bet future that allow you to place bets based on Player Statistics. - Proper and Stable code. - Every each bug solved (C++ part too) Informations: Every command is done by the server. This aspect is very important because players won't have anything to do with the code. Aspect changed from the original file that executes every each thing based on Players action. VERY IMPORTANT! The Contest is based on brackets. The code is automatically reading it like brackets. A good example would be: Some images: I would of created a video but is not helping much... I mean everyone knows how Dojang works. This system just provides the ensurance that your Contest will be a succes without any issues at all. Price is: 150 Euro (Price includes my support) Contact above
  14. https://github.com/braxy122/rewritten_spiritual_stone.git
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