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  1. Hi, i just want to give you a tip for a better usage of the states. You can use the "enter" event for handlings such as initializing missions or sending letters, that way it won't require relog for players in order to receive their letters or to continue the missions.
  2. Uhmm, i think the sysser you get is pretty much self explanatory. QUEST NOT END RUNNING on Login/Logout Resume: wrong QUEST_WAIT request! I guess it's intended this way, i mean both login and logout events are not created to have a input at this point, specially the logout. My advice is to either make it as a timer (tho i won't ever do that myself, just letting you know about an option if you are really into doing it) or write the message with less words. Anyway, you can also remove the interogation, but that can lead into other problems, why else it would be there
  3. Ah no, i was just like reading over it and it was making sense to me to just point this to you since your code is better. I was just pointing something out.
  4. Hi, the code is good but there is one problem, you may have conflicts with hyperlinks for items.
  5. As i said, these quests were spread everywhere. The problem comes because you don't have a func that returns the player pids from party. party_get_member_pids = function() local pids = {party.get_member_pids()}; return pids; end add this in questlib
  6. This is one of my "creations" from 2018, a shit quest tbh. I was still learning back then and it was not sold for too many people, i sold it to like two people and it got spread everywhere. I don't really care about these quests anymore that's why i don't said anything.
  7. Dwarf Error: wrong ver sion in compilation unit header (is 4, should be 2) [in module /home/home/shar e/bin/game] (gdb) Error while reading shared libr ary symbols: Dwarf Error: wrong version in compilation unit header (is 4, should be 2) You are reading the core with a wrong gdb version. Anyway, i suppose the problem is caused by an event that is triggered when doing an action with a monster, purging the monster and then trying to access it's data (after it's purged). At 5th floor i know it's the mess with the cubes and all, that's why i'm thinking about the problem like this.
  8. I agree with @martysama0134 Anyway, there is one more way you can delete those files. find -- walk a file hierarchy find /usr/game/share/locale/germany/quest/object -name 'Tempel_of_dragon*' (Finding&printing out everything related to "Tempel_of_dragon" (quest_state)) find /usr/game/share/locale/germany/quest/object -name 'Tempel_of_dragon*' -delete (deleting everything related to "Tempel_of_dragon" (quest_state))
  9. Hi, item.cpp CItem::DistanceValid if (iDist > 300)
  10. Glad to see you back @VegaS™, good luck with your service
  11. Hi, i took a look into your quest and there are multiple faults in your code. One of them and the one that is the worse is the fact that you are using timers. The problem is not that you are using timers, the problem is that you are using them wrong. Beside that you are also adding re-enter option to the dungeon, fact that has no sense. So let me be a bit more specific: If the leader of the group (or other party players) will leave/logout and they will have timers active, those timers are erased by the server, that means whenever they will re-join the dungeon those timers will be erased since
  12. You dont have to change it to PID. You can simply update the messenger_list by changing the last name with the new one both on account and companion rows.
  13. There was no intention to attack you in any way what so ever so don't take it that personally. I just resumed to the fact that my quest was written like (3 years ago >> released 2y ago) and yea, it was poorly written, can't lie about that. Even tho, i don't have the time nor the mood to update all my releases. Anyway, back to the Duplicate bug, i was refering to the update packet part of the func, i said that since the update is made through SQL and you actually have to wait until the DB is updating your player account data there won't be any issue what so ever. I d
  14. Eh old stuff, can be improved so much but i don't quite have the time to improve all my releases for now. @Syreldar Not sure what you want to say but i guess we both know LUA's syntax is not that complex lol Whatever, Syreldar version is alright but i would avoid that retarded loop anyway so: https://pastebin.com/ngi4ZXvB (Regarding Duplicate bug, that bug only exists if you use pc.change_name function, since the function that changes name is based on SQL there won't be any Duplicate Bugs)
  15. So, what are you saying does not even make logic. The quest does exactly what it's supposed to. What you need is the "enter" event, with that, the quest know it must execute the code below. So you dont have to change a thing in the first state, the second state with the informations must be changed, from when letter begin into when login or enter begin, when you set_state(information) in the first state it means that you enter a new state and that triggers the event and execute your things without need of teleport. (This is from what im remembering, i might be wrong tho, i did
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