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  1. local inputPrice = tonumber(string.gsub(input(), "[^0-9]", "")) local realPrice = math.floor(inputPrice) There is no logic explanation for the math.floor since you only let people write numbers but you can let that be there just in case.
  2. Competent people, fast service and good quality. Highly recommended.
  3. Hi, i like the idea. Anyway, the way you tought the logic for it is not ideal. In my opinion you can do this by initializing the selection in LUA when Booting the server and then just refering to the specific memory on Login event.
  4. Well, this is not quite true. The buyer is opening a dispute with the seller, if the dispute is not solved by the both seller and buyer then Paypal intervenes. The instant block is as i said, made automatically by the system when you have over 50-60 cases opened in a short time (two days or so) (doesn't matter if you reply to them or not) Now you might ask, how in the world am i gonna get this ammount of refunds. Well if you have a big server this is not a big deal what so ever. Everything i said, is from a personal experience so trust me, i've been there. Imagine people donating and playing with hacks, when the admins are banning them they all refund their money. Paypal is one of the worst payment's method out here.
  5. Everything you said is right, until one point. If the players are refunding the money (romanian's are doing this alot) the account will be blocked for 180 days accepting every refund instantly without any chance to prove it's wrong. The problem is that this happends automatically by the system, so for example if people are refunding like 50-60 payments your account will instantly be blocked leaving you without any way to contact them and even if you try to, they will send you the same message over and over again.
  6. You know.. i don't really care about all of this. You are obviously frustrated. I will let the higher people decide whatever happends (tho im sure you have contacts and you can pull strings around here) Have a nice day
  7. BASED on your way of indexing data into library but it was my own logic for the whole dungeon ahahha im done with you bro
  8. Dude you are taking it way too far, how many times do i have to tell you. I never sold YOUR WRITTEN WORK, the fact that i learned and made my own logic for it isn't enough for you? 95% of the people would not even understand the code so stop the cringe. Anyway, as it is now i'm having way more proper logic than what you did there but i'm not talking shit about you anyway. What you did here is just a mess with your service topic. I'm done saying anything and i hope you are too.
  9. I liked his post just because he contra argumented a guy. As i said earlier in our little chat that we had before, i respect you and i thanked you because i learned alot from you. Calling me trash will just show people who is the trash (i'm not surprised you are using such words since you are also using them on your precious customers, dispalying your true proffessional services). I might have no place here, you are right. (I'm asking for an mod to delete this messages since this is a SERVICE topic) P.S (If you want further info i would like you to contact me on discord along with an Admin so we can sort this out properly)
  10. Hi, now you are calling me a reseller? I think you don't know what RESELL means. As we have been talking about this we came to the conclusion that yes i learened from your quests (that's what we all do, learn in the first place) and yes, for a good period of time, i was using your structure BUT that was in the past, like 2-3 years ago AND it's not like i was selling your own quests, i have learned and WRITE my own stuff with my own logic. You are getting really frustrated about this fact because i'm now not only working with LUA but trying to extend into other areas too. Anyway, i never talked shit about you, tho you really don't deserve that. After i thanked you and told you that you helped me alot during my learning time, you still have the same attitude and the toxic behaviour. You want my opinion? You really are an arogant person and it's not just me telling you that. Whatever, you are also a good developer, but i'm telling you one thing. You should be HUMAN first of all
  11. Hi, i just want to give you a tip for a better usage of the states. You can use the "enter" event for handlings such as initializing missions or sending letters, that way it won't require relog for players in order to receive their letters or to continue the missions.
  12. Uhmm, i think the sysser you get is pretty much self explanatory. QUEST NOT END RUNNING on Login/Logout Resume: wrong QUEST_WAIT request! I guess it's intended this way, i mean both login and logout events are not created to have a input at this point, specially the logout. My advice is to either make it as a timer (tho i won't ever do that myself, just letting you know about an option if you are really into doing it) or write the message with less words. Anyway, you can also remove the interogation, but that can lead into other problems, why else it would be there
  13. Ah no, i was just like reading over it and it was making sense to me to just point this to you since your code is better. I was just pointing something out.
  14. Hi, the code is good but there is one problem, you may have conflicts with hyperlinks for items.
  15. As i said, these quests were spread everywhere. The problem comes because you don't have a func that returns the player pids from party. party_get_member_pids = function() local pids = {party.get_member_pids()}; return pids; end add this in questlib
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