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  1. I have improved the code about show/hide the compare tooltip because you need press the button alt before move the mouse over the item, my english isnt good but here you can see the fix: [Hidden Content] Open uitooltip.py and find: if app.__COMPARE_TOOLTIP__ and app.IsPressed(app.DIK_LALT) and not slotIndex >= player.EQUIPMENT_SLOT_START and CompareItem: self.SetCompareItem(itemVnum) remove or comment that code now go to def OnUpdate(self): and over this code if app.__COMPARE_TOOLTIP__: if self.IsCompare: return add: if app.IsPressed(app.DIK_G): if self.IsCompare: return if not self.CompareTooltip: self.SetCompareItem(self.itemVnum) else: if self.CompareTooltip: self.CompareTooltip.Hide() self.IsCompare = False self.CompareTooltip = None must see like this: [Hidden Content] PD: I have changed the key to G because in key ALT i have the Rendertarget system and 2 systems made a bug in same key, but you can change the key to any you want. Thanks for the release.
  2. i dont have CGraphicThing* pkMotionThing=pRaceData->RegisterMotionData(iMode, iMotion, c_szFullFileName, iWeight); in PyObject * chrmgrRegisterCacheMotionData(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) i already have it but in PyObject * chrmgrRegisterCacheMotionData(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) like that, its okey? thanks for answer
  3. i can code any interface, example this http://i.imgur.com/JgqMmQm.jpg more info here
  4. Thanks for you response, when i execute that the core crash and in syserr not say nothing :S
  5. Hi, im testing the code mysql_direct_query but i have problem with the table, here the problem: With mysql_query normal: With direct_mysql_query: and say that error: is too strange because i can insert, remove or getn from the table without errors but this not working.. can any try to fix that? thanks for read!
  6. This work perfect but in costumes not work the shinings, can try fix put shinings on costumes please? thanks!.
  7. Can anyone help me with the second bug please
  8. but have 1 error, i fix and work for me go to char.cpp search: case APPLY_MAX_HP: and replace with this case APPLY_MAX_HP: case APPLY_MAX_HP_PCT: { if(GetMaxHP() == 0) break; PointChange(aApplyInfo[bApplyType].bPointType, iVal); } break; case APPLY_MAX_SP: case APPLY_MAX_SP_PCT: { if(GetMaxSP() == 0) break; PointChange(aApplyInfo[bApplyType].bPointType, iVal); } break; [Hidden Content] next search: case POINT_MAX_HP: and case POINT_MAX_SP: (line3309) replace with this case POINT_MAX_HP: { SetPoint(type, GetPoint(type) + amount); int curMaxHP = GetMaxHP(); int hp = GetRealPoint(POINT_MAX_HP); int add_hp = MIN(3500, hp * GetPoint(POINT_MAX_HP_PCT) / 100); add_hp += GetPoint(POINT_MAX_HP); add_hp += GetPoint(POINT_PARTY_TANKER_BONUS); SetMaxHP(hp + add_hp); float fRatio = (float)GetMaxHP() / (float)curMaxHP; PointChange(POINT_HP, GetHP() * fRatio - GetHP()); val = GetMaxHP(); } break; case POINT_MAX_SP: { SetPoint(type, GetPoint(type) + amount); int curMaxSP = GetMaxSP(); int sp = GetRealPoint(POINT_MAX_SP); int add_sp = MIN(800, sp * GetPoint(POINT_MAX_SP_PCT) / 100); add_sp += GetPoint(POINT_MAX_SP); add_sp += GetPoint(POINT_PARTY_SKILL_MASTER_BONUS); SetMaxSP(sp + add_sp); float fRatio = (float)GetMaxSP() / (float)curMaxSP; PointChange(POINT_SP, GetSP() * fRatio - GetSP()); val = GetMaxSP(); } break; [Hidden Content] thats all.
  9. Other bug, this bug only appear with this armor thanks for all sorry bad english.
  10. The title explain all, how i can deactivate the time waiting for revive, i want revive instantly
  11. go to length.h and change INVENTORY_MAX_NUM = 180, to INVENTORY_MAX_NUM = 90,
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