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  1. yea, i already resolved aura loop with this: Now it's ok for aura. But how can i do something like that for other spells, which are using loop. Like Enchanted Blade, Dragon's Strenght and etc. Because i did not find void like that for other spells, just for aura.
  2. Hi guys! Today i successfully installed new level of skills (S). I already resolved problem with effects that player Cast, but i want to change Loop effect as well. I want to, that Aura of Sword should have different colors on 1, M1, G1, P1 and S. Playersettingmodule.py: chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_WEAPON+1, "equip_right_hand", "d:/ymir work/pc/warrior/effect/geom_sword_loop.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_WEAPON+2, "equip_right_hand", "d:/ymir work/pc/warrior/effect/geom_spear_loop.mse") But Metin2 basically work just with one kind of effect on every level of skill. Please, can someone help me to separate this loop effect? I want to do it for Aura and some other look effect like Enchanted Blade for example. I have no problem to pay for it!! - Sorry for my english. Best Regards, Jacob
  3. Hi! Me and and my partner are looking for some quality 3d service for our server like objects, buildings and etc. We shall pay for it of course! If you are interested about this offer, contact me. Thanks Kind Regards, SemperFi.
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