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  1. Hello , i'm searching for someone who can explain me how dragon force buff works or how healing buff works . I need to know where is the function where the buff attach the sphere in the hand of their targets and where the spehere moves once with the hand.Thanks , and as i said i will pay if someone knows .
  2. I think that is because you installed it wrong. But you should make your own topic for your problem.
  3. My pet items can't be dropped or traded and when you open shop pet is unsummoning by itself
  4. Hy there , first of all i want to say that who wants to help me will do it.So please do not leave comments like leaked system or something like that.The crash is not always so i can't find the problem.i used gdb and that's what i found. #0 0x0820ef8f in CNewPetActor::Unsummon ([email protected]=0x2e4c9040) at New_PetSystem.cpp:440 440 New_PetSystem.cpp: No such file or directory. [Current thread is 1 (LWP 100448)] On line 440 is this query DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("UPDATE new_petsystem SET level = %d, evolution=%d, exp=%d, expi=%d, bonus0=%d, bonus1=%d, bo
  5. The problem is your pc , video card low memory or low cooling, in addition you can't fix it.
  6. 'Than me'*. Why would someone help? Because we are humans and because those are virtual things.I saw that many people on this forum find virtual things more important than being human , i think that is the first sign of addiction, i'm not talking to you especially.I say it generally so don't feel offend. And i want to say anything more.When reboot started to sell marty's source, why anybody didn't something about it ? He sold marty's source as his source changing a part of defines. He is still selling it right now.So we should stop spamming his topic cause him asked nicely for help , if someo
  7. Then find one which is working or either you can try to replace also metin2_patch_w21_mobs and w1_mobs texcache .Those are the right solutions.
  8. Hy.The problem is from lycan effects which include effects from monster and monster2 packs , replace them with others.
  9. Shame on him?Why? It's not his fault that the source got leaked.It is true that when you use a leaked source you assume some responsabilities, but it's not a bad thing if you ask for help. Best regards.
  10. The fix is pretty easy , there is a check for affects hack in char_item.cpp ( i do not know how the fix works or what is affect hack.) So open char_item.cpp and delete or comment this // @fixme402(IsLoadedAffect to block affect hacking) if (!IsLoadedAffect()) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Affects are not loaded yet!"); return false; }
  11. Pythonchat.cpp or pythonchatmodule.cpp and uitooltip , check for %s or %u in hyperlink function
  12. The problem is from .msm files the first model of sash shouldn't exist in your source to have a 0 return value
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