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  1. Everytime when i press on some quests, the text remain on the window after i press quit ( the quest )
  2. Everytime when i press on some quests, the text remain on the window after i press quit ( the quest )
  3. Hello guys, i want to buy a game 34k , or something else except 40k+ but fixed (34k) fixed with all things. I am offering 20 EUROS .
  4. Where i should modify the value 71084 and 71085 to let me to add in shop with 50200 ( private shop in game as a player ) not at NPC .
  5. And in putty i got this : QUEST : rainbow_stone STATE : start WHEN : 99991.use qc in malloc(): error: allocation failed Abort (core dumped) Help me please !
  6. Guys, i have a problem .. i try with tutorials, i didnt know how to compile so i was thinkin to try here .. ill try to pay 10 euros for the guy who will help me to modify a thing .. in source is something about chat , when you write " ! bla bla bla " in shout in the front of name it show the kingdom and i want to delete the kingdom so please, help me !
  7. Hello guys, everytime i hit a mob or a metin stone it happening this, i mean you know the effect when you hit a mob the dmg is going out with yellow ( the numbers ) and now it happening this and i dont know how to solve # Edit, i solve it !
  8. How i am doing this ? i tryied with " -1 " , "1" , at addon type in client and serv and still doesn`t work. Please, anyone can tell me ?
  9. Hello guys, as the title says, i need some help with the armour effect, i mean, i want the effect from the armour from PIC 1 ( the +9 shining, orange circles ( the one with the red circle ) ) i want to add them on armour from PIC 2 , as you can see it have the red shining , i dont need the bubbles from the pic no2, i just need the +7/+8/+9 shining. Down is the playersetting module, tell me if is something wrong and how could i do it to see the +9 shining. Sorry for my english, and thanks ! ** BOTH WORKS , the effect 41 and 31 are working ! ** i just need the +9 shining on t
  10. That is from db syslog May 4 12:03:04.729975 :: [ 83250] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:09.730009 :: [ 83300] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:14.729952 :: [ 83350] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:19.730033 :: [ 83400] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:24.730002 :: [ 83450] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:29.730136 :: [ 83500] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:34.729976 :: [ 83550] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:39.730012 :: [ 83600] return 0/0/0 async 0/0/0 May 4 12:03:44.729983 :: [ 83650] return 0/0/0 a
  11. Everytime i press on a npc with a quest , the dialog is finished but that window remain .
  12. i got the same problem, and i dont know how to solve
  13. As you can see in pics, the armour works, i mean , is ok on character, works but when i put the click on it, doesnt show me nothing. This armour is corectly added in item_proto client/item_list. On the others chars , war , shamy and sin works good, i mean it show me the details but on sura not . What i can do ?
  14. I have the game src , but i download it separately from my sv files and db , to be honest i dont know how mush updated is that source that i have . I have my game in share/ and i want to know if i could extract the source from it and after modify the pvp.cpp and after compile to game . If that is possible, i would be so thanksfully to you if you could help me .
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