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  1. Re-UP: https://mega.nz/#!NNAznb4R!7O1D2MpLSXHjpTVGh3yyYyV5dujDsewHAH0ielNqqng
  2. Good day, after login is in the syslog 5900x in 1second "HORSE DIE 0x0 0x0". I try but, no solved. Thx for reply
  3. Thanks, i search in client source... but this error is from server source input_main.cpp if (pinfo->bFunc == FUNC_MOVE) { if (ch->GetLimitPoint(POINT_MOV_SPEED) == 0) return; ch->SetRotation(pinfo->bRot * 5); // Áßşą ÄÚµĺ ch->ResetStopTime(); // "" ch->Goto(pinfo->lX, pinfo->lY); } else { if (pinfo->bFunc == FUNC_ATTACK || pinfo->bFunc == FUNC_COMBO) ch->OnMove(true); else if (pinfo->bFunc & FUNC_SKILL) { const int MASK_SKILL_MOTION = 0x7F; unsigned int motion = pinfo->bFunc & MASK_SKILL_MOTION; if (
  4. Hi, i have source by Koridev 1.5, when i use Aura and Berserk Skill P -> Syserr : l 2 01:48:01 :: SKILL_HACK: name=loper, job=0, group=0, motion=79 Jul 2 01:48:05 :: SKILL_HACK: name=loper, job=0, group=0, motion=78 and game kick me. Everyone help? Thanks
  5. Woytman

    Bug with belts

    Replace: Edit to : bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendQuickSlotAddPacket(WORD wpos, BYTE type, WORD pos)
  6. with belt_system . is_belt ( ) Calls undeclared function! : item2.equip item2.get_attr item2.set_attr pc2.give_or_drop_item_and_select Error occured on compile Quest/belt_system.quest Everyone help? Thanks
  7. Czech: Nu podle toho co koukám tak je to správně, ta vzorová část je pro Navicat (nebo jiný sql manager), aby veděl kam ty údaje doplnit, počítá s tím, že mob_proto.sql ještě neexistuje, ten vzor slouží pro vytvoření tabulky s příslušnými sloupci, nebo pro kontrolu zda staré sloupce souhlasí s novými query. English: So, what I look to make it right, the sample part is for Navicat.
  8. For example? Send one line from convert and one line, how do you want to have it. //sorry bad english
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