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  1. For fix this error i have to see all the script but i think there is a loop variable in uiTooltip
  2. I have this system. If u want contact me in Skype: -EDIT-
  3. If u have Source compile and use the packer. Or Search in Google "Eternexus packer" i think it's the best and check "index" file
  4. Mmh ok.. I think you have to change all the graphic engine..
  5. Do you remove alpha with 3ds max?? I think there isn't an option in source. Sorry man. In metin2 you can remove it only from 3Ds max
  6. I think you have wrong line in item_proto for example read "value 3" (armor number).
  7. Open animation in PC/warrior/skill with world editor and resave .msa file. I think it's wrong time of animation
  8. nice but some error with directory of texture
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