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  1. #close it was my mistake sorry... my kollege said to me something false...
  2. Pls help, i will pay much money for this fix...
  3. Hello guys, i have 1 problem. i have both Scales (item_scale & mob_scale) But only 1 is working... i have 2 different codes @ ThingInstance.cpp if i use the sash part -> Scale is working - but Mob_scale isnt working... if i use the pet part -> Scale is working - but item_scale isnt working... i tested to create 2 different lines like: OnDeform() & OnDeformNew() DeformNoSkin() & DeformNoSkinNew() but all is still use the normal version OnDeform() & DeformNoSkin() So my new lines are ingored ... i puted into the scale function @ Petsystem SetScaleMo
  4. I can help You, Contact me. regards,
  5. Rly? Dont pay 50€ for this ! this is very easy to fix, this isnt 50€ worth....!!! Regards,
  6. Smoke? You mean shining? Alternativ: you can create a shining for costumes in binary Source and can add different shinings on 1 costume or more shinings defined in Python and binary
  7. Post your File or explain what you addet?!
  8. Normally no need to change anything! kori Source Is working if you have all correct installed in Programms like (vs, vc++ and so on) you don't have to change anything of the Code to get working on. I send you a List for needing programms that youre able to compile the Source. you clean installed? if no working, Contact me again, send me teamviewer/anydesk/ammy or whats easier and saver for you and i'll help you
  9. Contact me, maybe i can help you
  10. with VS2013 and with v120_xp or v120 it should be work. contact me - i have a list, how to work with kori source (so which programms is needed and how you can compile) i created it for one of my costumers, he wanted work with. if this dont work -> so i can give you support with teamviewer for free. Regards,
  11. use 2013 - i tryed it like "arves100" - he's right. if it isnt working - i can help you with tv.
  12. maybe i can help you, contact me
  13. Oh okay, i don't Know. i searched now - i only found a Facebook Side and a Homepage - Homepage Is down? facebook Last Post Is 2016. so i don't Know if they Support anymore?! And how to contact thats a reason why i created this Thread
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