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  1. You have to move the root bone in 3ds max, and export with CME and untick move to origin, but that doesnt work with all models (mine dont)
  2. Hi, i try to make a model walk but after the animation it keeps getting pulled back, i dont know what i do wrong, i export with CME and unticked Move to Origin. Help is very much appreciated https://puu.sh/vn9h2/c972c76ddd.mp4
  3. Hi, trying to make some new Mobs with 3dsmax, but i cant get the Positioning of the Models right, what Pivot does granny use? Its not the World one, and also not of the Object, Seems like it takes the Pivot of the Bones. Does anyone know how exactly it works? Found out myself, keyword "hierarchy".
  4. how do you delete items in the item proto? Everytime i just delete the Lines of the items the server wont start anymore
  5. Did you check that every file in the map folder is written in small letters? Did you add the textureset.txt ? Do you have all textures that are linked in the textureset file?
  6. maybe if you would properly speak english someone could help you
  7. Easy one, you left the .gr2 at the filename big (.GR2) Just rename it to .gr2 You can add me in skype (kenji086) if you have questions about 3ds max because i have a history of try and error....:P
  8. Thanks for the reply. Indeed i think thats the problem, can someone help me define needmoney? Maybe someone has a working uiacce.py
  9. Hi, i tried to add sash to my server but the client closes before the login, here is the Syserr: Would be great if someone knows this error
  10. the model for the armor is alright, you just have to move the bones. make sure you center the pivot of the bones once. then 270° rotate Z and then move +100 Z and dont forget move x and y 0 because after centering the pivot its not exactly 0 anymore.
  11. Hello, i got an idea of giving my character a shield. The problem is i dont know how to import it without Hair/Armor. I could include it with the hair but then the hair changes with every shield. Someone got an idea how i could only equip and unequp the shield? I thought about using it with the shoulder sash system. Anyone got a link for the system because the only one i found is from Ken and he has been offline for a long time as it seems. I'm thankful for everyone who tries to help!!
  12. Hi, I wanted to spawn a zombie_ghost_door (ID:30111) for my new created dungeon. But i just dont get the direction on it right, it never fits in the place i build for it. One time its facing north, and the other time its facing west. I already tried it with d.spawn_mob in the dungeon quest, I tried to do it with the regen file like this: "m 223 39 1 0 0 7 1000s 100 1 30111" The 7 is for the direction as i remember right, but it always changes the direction... I looked at the devils_catacomb_quest too, but its just too h
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