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  1. Hi I have a problem at item_scale pet pet system does not grow at all or to the evolution of 3
  2. Hello I have a problem at work compile Source Clint
  3. Hello, new problem binary shop offline: 16>.\PythonShop.cpp(579) : error C2065: 'shopGetOfflineShopItemMetinSocket' : undeclared identifier 16>.\PythonShop.cpp(580) : error C2065: 'shopGetOfflineShopItemAttribute' : undeclared identifier 16>.\PythonShop.cpp(582) : error C2065: 'shopClearOfflineShopStock' : undeclared identifier 16>.\PythonShop.cpp(583) : error C2065: 'shopAddOfflineShopItemStock' : undeclared identifier 16>.\PythonShop.cpp(584) : error C2065: 'shopDelOfflineShopItemStock' : undeclared identifier 16>.\PythonShop.cpp(585) : error C2065: 'shopGet
  4. Yes we implemented everything, but do not know why
  5. Hello the problem shop offline c++ ERROR:linking ../game_r40250_32....OBJDIR/cmd.o:(.data+0x1198): undefined reference to `do_open_offline_shop(CHARACTER*, char const*, int, int)'gmake: *** [../game_r40250_32] Error [email protected]:/usr/src/mainline/Srcs/server2/game/src #
  6. Help me please compilation shop offline src
  7. Hello, I also received a compilation error shop offline Screen:
  8. So i put item in Item Exp but don't happened anythings...
  9. Hello guys, how can i it pet level ... i have 4 ball but 5 ball it dosen't full..i dont know this problem anyone helped me for this problem??
  10. So ... the pet rises 4 balls and then not.
  11. I have this problem with oficial pet system . I don`t know .. don't increase level pet .
  12. The problem when you call your pet make 2 level sites Please help me
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