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  1. This is the answer to the question. If you will have such a problem again open SSH and enter "top" and look at% "mysqld" usage. It is very possible that someone deliberately clogged the database. This is by no means complicated if your site does not meet several key safeguards - by loading the ranking/downloading port status/;oading the list of players/logging in to the site you can even clog the database.
  2. Does ur site connect to the database?
  3. The problem with this page is loading everything at once, not the gradual loading that you could get with example ajax, jQuery.
  4. Probably u must delete this function with PythonCharacterModule.cpp (It is not used by the client but allows for speeding) { "SetMoveSpeed", chrSetMoveSpeed, METH_VARARGS },
  5. No no, item proto any id and wearflag always this same (128)
  6. Warning!: The site is vulnerable to SQLi attacks - if someone wants to, he can rewrite the page as follows: https://youtu.be/DXji_JiuTdo I do not know if this is the right forum section I also recommend adding a captcha for registration, login and display of the full ranking. The site also has an advanced administrator system. Website (one change - 99% of original files from BombWorkStudio): https://www23.zippyshare.com/v/eo4JElK4/file.html Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file-analysis/YzJjNDUyOGY0MzJlZGI5ZDgwMWFlYWVmMzBmYzE0OGY6MTUzMDQ2NDcwNQ== Layout: h
  7. @amosth Hey you need to do the tutorial again just changing the name, e.g. "IsWELESRing1" to "IsWELESRing2"
  8. The solution to your problem is easier than you think. Find: if (m_wCell == INVENTORY_MAX_NUM + WEAR_WEAPON) #ifdef __CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM__ DWORD dwRes = GetTransmutation() != 0 ? GetTransmutation() : GetVnum(); m_pOwner->SetPart(PART_WEAPON, dwRes); #else m_pOwner->SetPart(PART_WEAPON, GetVnum()); #endif Change: if (m_wCell == INVENTORY_MAX_NUM + WEAR_WEAPON) #ifdef __CHANGELOOK_SYSTEM__ { DWORD dwRes = GetTr
  9. Hi, if I have activated autopotion after switching to the mount it turns off, but the effect of launching (in the inventory) stays - does not heal. I tried to fix it with every way I knew, it did not help. This happens only with autopotion sp. Any ideas? I have a mount system for a costume slot.
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