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  1. my mistake, sorry for the all issuse, the errors were caused by me for lack of inattention.....the system work fine thx man, you save me
  2. Hello, today I reinstalled the system and was able to compile both sources, but I have a problem in the game, I can't put items until the first inventory, the others don't work i'am creat an issuse for to here https://github.com/blackdragonx61/Metin2-Extended-Safebox/issues/1#issue-614162540
  3. man i can't compile the source...got this error SRC Binary
  4. Enyone vave this system [C++] 6 inventory safebox because the link form hear is ded
  5. how to solve the problem, my safe box is in 6 inventory and is working without problems the c++ 6 inventory files don't have anymore and i don't know the item-shop work before the 6 inventory
  6. how you fixt? ...i'am got the same problem but for my is kick out of client after try tu transfer item form mall to inventory
  7. Hello, I’am have a problem with item-shop deposit in game the problem is: i’am buy item from ishop on website, it is appears in item-shop deposit but can’t drag to my inventory and if i do other thing after traing to drag item is kick me off from client, just clint server remeining on i’am don’t have syserr here is a picture with problem https://gyazo.com/288fc81229f44ad6e263103b431f97e0
  8. Enyone have this system full?
  9. help please...i'am don't know were tu modifi for this error whene i compilate my source input_main.cpp: In member function 'virtual int CInputMain::Analyze(DESC*, BYTE, const char*)': input_main.cpp:3706: error: duplicate case value input_main.cpp:3702: error: previously used here http://imgur.com/r9NSy05
  10.     thanks for reply if as you say you can give me game and mysql that does not read files .txt and a client if you have preferably in English if you can and want to help me I would be hard grateful
  11. hi does anyone have a lib or another method for 40k for read from db?? I tried a method c++ but nothing
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