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  1. Hi Community, When creating a character im getting the error "Can't create character". When creating a character the first time after a server reboot it works with no error. But if i want to create another character i get the error "Can't create character". If i keep trying to create the same character with the same name, eventually it works. It appears that in the Syslog when i get the error the HEADER_GD_PLAYER_CREATE is empty and when it succeeds its with a "PlayerCreate accountid". This is Syslog from DB: In DB Syserr i only get this:
  2. I honelty forgot since its been so long. Download Insurgent2 Serverfiles and look for the fix. find where the function for the gm logo and yellow text is and add an if statement to show as normal player for isVIP
  3. How can i make so that the kingdom icon doesnt show on VIP players just like on game masters. If you look at the blue kingdom icon you can see a faded vip icon. The system i used is this one https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/11839-release-vip-system-from-src/&
  4. If you know you can fix 100% make a tutorial in a txt file and ill play you
  5. Hi metin2dev community I know there are some really clever minds on this forum thats why im posting this here. I would like to know if its possible to update the ingame web browser for the client. The game uses the very old version of internet explorer and it is not compatible with some itemshops / websites. i would like to update the web browser to a newer Internet Explorer or for example Google Chrome so that it is compatible with my item-shop. I have been researching this and could not find anything but i know it is possible for sure but i just cant figure it out..
  6. Ok so i want to remove the GM logo and the yellow italian font from the chat with a VIP player. i have the C++ vip system. The rank for the vip players is GM_VIP. I would really appreciate the help thanks ! Solved. T/C please !
  7. Ok another hint so that im not too stingy. Its not environment eighter.
  8. Nobody helped me after looking for few weeks, figure it out yourself ! HINT: Not directx and not MobColour
  9. what happens if you type return ?
  10. in root you have npclist.txt, find the NPC you want to change and just change the folder name or .msm file. Ex: 9003 goods ----> 9003 newnpc
  11. i believe if u change it to a very good host you wont have lag problems. I think its your VMC it might not have enough ram or processing power.
  12. try changing the the converter bro, but i dont recomend using a converter from sql or txt to xml because converters follow a specific format and that format varies from server to server. If you have your dump fromto form your server use that There are lots of dump_proto tutorials as well as the .exe file itself on the internet and this forum just use the search function or google.
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