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  1. Hi, Anyone can share these mounts please ? Thanks
  2. ahahahaha son of a bitch
  3. Settings.txt seems to be good
  4. Yes in locale/root the atlasinfo is the same
  5. Hello, I'm trying to install the Snow Dungeon, but the result isn't famous ^^ anyone can help me please ? I use the patch posted here.
  6. Thanks @VegaS Problem solved.
  7. Thanks for your reply but.. don't work.
  8. Hello, How can I do a multiple party_kill ? Test.. when 8001.party_kill with pc.getqf("count_metin5") >= 5 and 101.party_kill with pc.getqf("count_dogs") >= 20 begin when 8001.party_kill or 101.party_kill with pc.getqf("count_metin5") >= 5 and pc.getqf("count_dogs") >= 20 begin But, don't work :/ Thanks
  9. #bump I don't need to buy an other website, but an webdesign for MT2CMS. Best Regards
  10. hi galet,

    can you please send the files for the snow dungeon?



    1. Galet



      Everything is released by there, no ? Check on the forum, otherwise I'll check in my files

    2. Yazho


      Yes but I have the same bug.

    3. Galet


      I don't remember how to fix it, check atlasinfo.txt, I don't remember and i'm suffering from a hangover xD

  11. hi, same problem.. Can you share the solution Galet or your files? Best Regards
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