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  1. Hi, Anyone can share these mounts please ? Thanks
  2. ahahahaha son of a bitch
  3. Settings.txt seems to be good
  4. Yes in locale/root the atlasinfo is the same
  5. Hello, I'm trying to install the Snow Dungeon, but the result isn't famous ^^ anyone can help me please ? I use the patch posted here.
  6. Thanks @VegaS Problem solved.
  7. Thanks for your reply but.. don't work.
  8. Hello, How can I do a multiple party_kill ? Test.. when 8001.party_kill with pc.getqf("count_metin5") >= 5 and 101.party_kill with pc.getqf("count_dogs") >= 20 begin when 8001.party_kill or 101.party_kill with pc.getqf("count_metin5") >= 5 and pc.getqf("count_dogs") >= 20 begin But, don't work :/ Thanks
  9. hi galet,

    can you please send the files for the snow dungeon?



    1. Galet



      Everything is released by there, no ? Check on the forum, otherwise I'll check in my files

    2. Yazho


      Yes but I have the same bug.

    3. Galet


      I don't remember how to fix it, check atlasinfo.txt, I don't remember and i'm suffering from a hangover xD

  10. hi, same problem.. Can you share the solution Galet or your files? Best Regards
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