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  1. A medal of glory for this user! Thanks <3 <3
  2. Bro, you need use your own client source... This client is not full compatible... I'm using source from Ira work :-)
  3. Nice release, files are updated to 40k revision? :-) Edit: Working like a charm :-)
  4. Thanks, but this solution is not working... Added and error is still here...
  5. Hello guys, i have problem with new files. I can login to game on my virtual box, but i cant game on server files hosted on my VPS (freebsd 9.3, mysql 5.6 - same as virtualbox) This is problem: CH1 core1 and 2 are online and auth + db too... CH1 core1 syserr: SYSERR: Nov 19 08:58:15 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 698 SYSERR: Nov 19 08:58:59 :: LoadSkillMotion: Motion: Skill exist but no motion data for index 0 mob 3596 skill 257 SYSERR: Nov 19 08:58:59 :: LoadSkillMotion: Motion: Skill exist but no motion data for index 1 mob 3596 skill 258 SYSERR: Nov 1
  6. Hello guys, Can someone help me with this error? I don't know what is wrong, maybe wrong Extern folder? Im using Extern folder from mainline in mainline_released... Thank you all for help :-*
  7. You are welcome, it's working like a charm https://mega.co.nz/#!CoFUnKYa!WcEi3qZSowjmW3iJJif0md3_tl0EmPINRIXPyBEq6Nk
  8. Hello, have anybody tutorial how to make more cores for 1 channel? Thank you.
  9. Can you please post again client part? Thank you Nevermind i found it on other forum from you
  10. Hello my friends, i have problem with exchange in my client. Anybody know solution for this? syserr: Ok close, solved with this https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/3160-error-trade-in-client/#comment-20815 Screen:
  11. Yes. But i already solved this question. I make my unpacker for item_names only.
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